How to Become a Marriage & Family Therapist in 10 Steps

How to Become a Marriage & Family Therapist in 10 Steps

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Choosing therapy was one of the most rewarding decisions of my life! I love that I’m contributing to the health of both emotional and relational well-beings each day. So often, I hear from friends, family, and even clients that they’ve thought about being a counselor or therapist, and so many of them would be perfect for this role! Have you ever considered it? In today’s video, I break down the ten most important steps for becoming a therapist! This mainly applies to Marriage and Family Therapy, but can be a resource for social workers, professional counselors, school counselors, national certified counselors, life coaches, sex therapists, etc. I hope this is helpful!

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  1. I watched one of your videos where you stated that you went to NCU online. What MFT specialization did you focus on?

  2. You eloquently broke these processes down and even made it seem easy! Nice work girl! I would love to hear what you did to study for the exam? (Congratulations!!! on passing it btw!!!) I admire your honesty and excitement that you put into these videos. 🙂

  3. Wow I’m so thankful that I found your channel! I’m definitely subscribing and bookmarking your channel you make it sound so easy, and I guess it is if you put your mind to it. So informative thanks a lot!

  4. If everything is based on your state and you get your license in one state. What happens if you move in the future? I’m trying to figure out where to go to graduate school and I’m worried that I need to stay in that state my whole life. Also, is there a national licensing?

  5. I have a question. I wanted to ask about the salary of LMFT? can you have your own practice ?what made you want to be a therapist?

  6. Thanks so much for this video!! This is truly appreciated 🙂 I’m in GA too! Currently getting my MSW at UGA! Would I be able to contact you in regard to an assignment I have due for a current MFT class I’m taking? I have to interview a therapist and I haven’t found one yet ☹️

  7. Great Video! You are a natural! How much is grad school usually? I looked up an online school and was shocked to see it costed 100k +/- for a 2 yr program

  8. So glad, I watched this, I have my masters in human services, and started the process to get my hours for my AAMFT

  9. Steph Anya, MFT Im thinking about joining a program and im 17, is there a way im able to start my career early in the therapists feild? My email is my work ethic is strong and confident, MFT looks like a good way of getting a head start in psychology and i need some help on my journey

  10. Thank you for this information! I just graduated from undergrad last year and I was planning on a few years off before going to grad school to just work. But with this information I might as well just start now lol. Honestly, this snapshot of the process just really made me more excited to fill out these school applications!

  11. I am interested in becoming a Marriage and Family therapist and this video was extremely helpful and makes me excited to work with clients and get to know myself better. I would love to hear about how you studied for the Licensing Exam because that would be very beneficial for me. I was also wondering how much a Marriage Counselor at your level typically makes, if you don’t mind saying. I know that it varies by states, but the internet doesn’t really give me one answer.

  12. Hi Steph Anya, Thank you for your video! I’m interested in becoming an MFT, in your opinion, is an online graduate program equally as effective as a regular program? Or is a regular program still highly recommended? Thanks!

  13. I admire the fact that you make it seem so easy and interesting. I am looking to be a Life coach but this has given me a little heads up on what to expect. 👍

  14. Woah! That is a lengthy process but you made it sound easy and fun! I can tell you love what you do. Very inspiring! 😊

  15. Loved this explanation! I’ve always wanted to be a life coach, still working on learning how to go about it. Also very classy video. Can you share what camera/lighting you used? Love the blurry ness on the background and you as the main focus!

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