1. Does anyone know if filing for bankruptcy can relieve a man of alimony payments?
    My wife moved out 2 years ago. She claimed I was being abusive but in reality she was and I fibally told her I couldn’t heal in all the constant turmoil, thus she either had to treat me decently or leave! She CHOSE to leave. I am a disabled veteran but take care of myself. She was recieving pay and a full coverage health insurnce policy to be my caregiver, tho she had no care to give..sadly. a few years after we were married a nonprofit organization called homes for wounded Heroes that I had been working with awarded me a home mortgage free. It was a payment basically for all my sacrifices and a bit of and ask that to help me in the future since I have slightly more limited capabilities now. I told them originally I had no use for such a large home and was not worthy that’s couldn’t accept the offer. They put addition did as like a bank account that I couldn’t access yet but after having it a few years I could sell the house and have the money to start a business. Coincidentally the time when my wife decided to leave what’s right after I was awarded my home. Now even though the program is only for veterans and they’ve made it clear that I was the only one being awarded the home, my wife then and now even believes that she was equally awarded the home with me. When she left she originally claimed we were taking a separation and we’re going to get back together. Once she was gone about 6 months I had to notify the VA that she was not living with me anymore which ultimately ended her caregiver job thus her income and insurance. Remind you she doesn’t actually do anything as the caregiver she always refused to help me with just the most basic of things she wouldn’t even do friendly gestures like wash my back once a week maybe because I can’t reach my own back due to the shrapnel injuries. Also I warned her that we wouldn’t be able to keep the caregiver going very long with her living somewhere else. I Risk Everything that I do with that organization by playing along in a fraudulent ruse for her. I did everything for her and she did nothing for me. Now I was recovering from injuries in war for much of our relationship but she knew that when we got together. I was already on my recovery path when we started our relationship. Anyways after she lost her caregiver job she inherited a few million dollars. Shortly few months after that possibly it was a parent to her she would likely never see any of the three million her mom was basically going to legally steal it. Much like she was attempting to do to me her mom was definitely going to do to her on a much larger scale. Karma. During our marriage and the time I was in the program to receive the home into my name we started her a art studio downtown that she was owning and operating teaching classes and doing parties. Much of this time was while she was supposed to be a caregiver. Eventually she would find out that owning and operating a personal small business is hard work. Unfortunately she had never had to do any kind of hard work in our life. So what does she do, she decides that my home is half hers and that I should sell it and give her half the money for it. And now my friends the real fun begins. Like and or comment if you would like to hear the rest of the story and where it stands now. There are many twists and turns, ups and downs and it gets juicy.

  2. Lord protect a alimony payer provide kindness in the heart of that person Nobody deserves this people that allow this should die

  3. I’m in the exact and situation. What should do. Pay her off and make it final payment in life.

  4. There is a lot of great information to glean here. But the courts are stacked against the supporting party pure and simple.

  5. No person, man or woman, deserves pennant alimony. Alimony and child support amounts are extreme over-calculations by the family court system. Get out there and work. If you don’t want to be with a high income earner anymore, then you do not deserve that lifestyle.

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  7. Don’t go beyond 3 months with a person of the opposite gender or you will lose 50 percent or more of your assets! You have been warned!!!!

  8. Why you always get a prenup. They aren’t just for rich people, anyone can get one and they do amazing things. Any woman who gets upset over the idea of her signing a prenup is not someone you want to married. Think about it, would "YOU" get upset if a woman asked you sign a prenup? Probably not.

    Some women need to know they have some form of recourse to fuck you over if you ever slight them. Hard to tell in some, but suggesting a prenup is a surefire way to bring out that personality trait if it exists.

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  11. The courts really need to stop coddling these women! Once you’re divorced, your bill are your bill and mines are mines.. why should a man still have to financially take care of a woman that he is no longer married to… It’s complete bullshit

  12. How young is the respondent? Even with a PH is difficult to go back in the market after so many years.

  13. If he avoided marriage, how would he ever be able to convince his housecleaner/nanny to work for free for so long? That’s the only loophole

  14. Simple don’t get involved, any form of protection including prenups can be broken by the court!

  15. 3:00 mins in and you already know the trial judge needed to recuse himself. Wow. Clearly he had a problem with wives getting alimony at all… no spreadsheet!?!?

  16. Wooooow – this trial court judge was just so biased. I’m impressed with council. She’s handling it very well – the appellate judges are more emotional than she is! 🙂

  17. Exersize in the futility of perfecting the law while pandering to the grace of the acceptance of the public. The law is evil

  18. Wow that one Judge has made up his mind b4 its all said and done that she deserves Lifetime Alimony unreal what a Jerk and thats why she would not work getting that alimony

  19. The wife just needs to get off her A** and the husband should not be paying for her not working as an able bodied person. She needs a full time job. I feel for the husband if he still has to pay her for NOT working full time with her degrees going into the trash can and not being used.

  20. After 20 years, its not easy to go back to teaching. It would mean going back to college and getting recertified. Then a period of job hunting. The wife deserves more alimony.

  21. Payment of alimony is only paid until the last child turns 18. And nothing beyond that! Permit alimony is a scam! Beware of women who try to claim life long payment from you!

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  23. Yup… and there it is… "the judge tipped his hand when he said quote "the court finds the wife can do better""- with no expert testimony!!!! What a COMPLETE contrast this case is to the last case on Alimony I just watched: "Almony in a Divorce Case*" https://youtu.be/4A-WHw0Uq_Q

  24. Permanent alimony is the biggest crock of bullshit, putting aside cases of permanent disability. At some point we all need to be responsible for ourselves.

  25. This is why men should not marry. What a scam. I wonder who filed for divorce. I wonder if she stayed home on her own accord regardless of how her husband felt.

  26. What was the resolution? I don’t understand why a woman with a masters degree cannot support herself. It is obvious that this alimony is retaliation because he filed for divorce. His lawyer was very good, she seemed to be more knowledgeable than the judges. By the way, we don’t need to be mathematicians to calculate how much money is needed to pay certain expenses, any 4th grader can do that.

  27. They tried so hard just giver her money instead of holding her accountable for being an adult and providing for her own life. Reasons not to ever get married.

  28. She’s got a bachelor and masters degree. The judges should order her to go back to work and quit being a burden. It’s her obligation to take care of herself. The judges heard testimony that she did not want to work as,a teacher. You know in life you might not like a lot of things you have to do, but you do it. Judgment for the petitioner..Respondent go get a fukn job. We all make sacrifices and I’m sure you can put those degrees that your husband paid for to good use!

  29. What state is this? I need an fair NY state divorce lawyer court favors my spouse bc he’s dumped thousands on his lawyer while I’m poor they are letting his own lying lawyer discover only assets ik about they won’t discover him fully when it’s proven he’s hiding more since separation in order to be dumping thousands onto an lawyer court attorney been all unfair to me the wife spouse

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