How to Conduct Event Oriented Counseling

How to Conduct Event Oriented Counseling

Over the years I’ve seen some good practices, and some poor ones when it comes to event oriented counseling in the Army and the Marine Corps. Here’s a few of unofficial observations.

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  1. Great video top new to the channel didn’t know you were at jblm. I was wondering what’s your advice on boss trying to work out programs for soldiers to keep active and be productive and Boss isn’t a good help on north side sports is the only thing that is help to few but what’s the best avenue of approach to keep SMs out of the barracks and thanks a ton for the content

  2. Hello Mr. Stoker. I was in the german army for just a year (voluntary conscript, as we dont have mandatory anymore) but I take great interest in military and leadership topics, since I am convinced that these can help you in any life situation. Your videos are very informative and very nice to watch. Please keep up the good work. Best regards, OGefr. d.R. Vorrink.

  3. Outstanding message Top! As always, words of leadership to live by. Btw, I’m dig’n that Wool 5 Button Jeep Sweater! Totally miss mine. That’s why the BDUs were so awesome.

  4. can you make a video about how to deal with new young privates as in giving the proper advice and guidances through the youthful party style mindsets. i wanna prepare as a promotable with new soldiers to do the right thing and wondering if you have any advice for these vibes?, thanks

  5. You made a great video that will help to guide Soldiers throughout the counseling portion of their careers. You mention Soldiers being able to agree or disagree with the counseling statement, and they absolutely have that right. Also, you talk about it only taking one counseling to recommend a Soldier for an article 15. What do you recommend Soldiers to do when those two situations arise simultaneously? And what options are available for the leader to use?

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