How To Cope With Divorce After A Long Marriage

How To Cope With Divorce After A Long Marriage

A divorce is never planned for, but sometimes it happens. It can really be challenging and difficult to cope with a change like this. In today’s episode of Hero TV, Paul Jenkins teaches how you can still find happiness after experiencing a divorce, even after a long marriage.

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Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker)


  1. What if the goal was kids? Now you single and need to find someone just as special and start again.. painful stuff!

  2. I give up on love. Im just going to be a heartless gold digger from now on. Feelings and emotions OFF.

  3. My wife blind sided me. I always cared about her. Treated her right. I was always willing to discuss her wants and needs and to work things out. She planned the divorce for the last 4 months of the marriage and then took me to the cleaners. Pure evil. I’m almost 60 now and and don’t see any happiness in my future. Don’t tell me it brings out the worst in everybody. I was fully taken advantage of and I am paying her alimony, even though I’m not the one that wanted the divorce. No hope/positivity now that I’m financially ruined, which also ruins my chances of looking for another partner.

  4. Guys stay single.! It’s not worth the emotional and financial repercussions associated with today’s women. You’ve been warned

  5. Wife and I have just split up after 21 years. Man it hurts so friggin much. I just want her to want me as much as I want her. But she is just so happy to be walking away. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep and I feel like I can not breathe any more. The pain hurts so much

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  7. Getting married means everything you own will become controlled by the government. If your marriage ends in divorce for whatever reason , then a judge will decide your fate ( do you really want to give some prick judge the satisfaction of divorce raping you? ).

    Guys don’t get married

  8. 4:20 both vote? Where did you get that information? No both DO NOT always vote for it. Who is this guy?

  9. How do you cope!? How about throw a party! I’m sure it feels like being paroled from a life sentence!! Marriage is the most insane institution ever spawned on mankind. It makes absolutely no sense.

  10. It’s always hilarious when people lecture about divorce or singleness and they’re wearing an obnoxiously humungous wedding band or engagement ring/rock on their hands.

  11. I came here to watch videos about going through divorce and encountered a hysterical comment section that has me laughing the irritation my husband has ingrained in me. Job well done, video👍🏻

  12. At the time i write this message i am alone and i feel like i am dying alone since 2011. I need friends and love to be happy but when you can’t smile everyone leave toi alone.
    This message is like a bottle to the sea saying a divorced man can be leaving in a neverending pain left as a dead man.

  13. My advice is to have a separate account so you can have a fall back finance. Never live with someone without working.

  14. I look down upon any person who has divorced. Divorce is extremely bad and shameful no matter what the circumstances are. Those who had to divorce showed extreme stupidity to have married their bad spouses in the first place.

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  16. When your spouse is cheating, slandering your name to family and your children, misappropriating family funds, trying to humiliate you as a means of making their deeds seem less egregious, compassion, love, respect is gone. It’s tough to imagine, but it happens. I think a more genuine idea is that you cannot control your spouses behavior or feelings. The only thing you can control is the way you respond to it. That being to maintain your respect, love and compassion even if you have not and are not receiving it from your spouse anymore. You and your children will be better for it.

  17. After 25 years with my wife, she just ups and decides that she’s no longer happy. I love her with all my heart and do not want this. Unfortunately I have no choice at this point. I’ve been trying to find videos help me cope and or understand what I’m going through. And all I can say right now about the guy in this video is I want to punch him in the face. He has been smiling laughing and almost mocking the viewers. F#$& him.

  18. I rather be single . My heart has harden toward marriage. I am happy bringing single. Parents divorce. If I’m lonely I will get a dog .

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