How to Cope with Your Parents' Divorce

How to Cope with Your Parents' Divorce

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Everyone benefits from positive coping strategies when dealing with divorce — learn how.

Step 1: Stay in touch with both parents
Stay in regular contact with both parents. Call, send text messages, or e-mail to ease feelings of missing each other.

Step 2: Develop a plan for special events
Develop an attendance plan for special events like games, meets, recitals, and concerts. If it isn’t comfortable to have them both there, alternate their attendance.

Step 3: Talk to people you can trust
Talk to people you can trust to sort out your feelings about the divorce.

Seek out a movie about a divorcing family. Watching a movie with characters you can relate to will help you work through your own feelings.

Step 4: Talk to your parents about your feelings
Talk to your parents about any concerns, such as money, activities, or visitations.

Step 5: Participate in activities
Continue to participate in as many day-to-day activities as possible. Extracurricular events will help you stay focused on your own priorities.

Often teens find that relationships with parents improve after a divorce because each parent is happier.

Step 6: Draw support from family
Stay close to, and draw support from, your siblings or other relatives. Stronger bonds may form among family members when parents separate.

Did You Know?
Did you know? According to the 2003 National Vital Statistics Report, over half of all American marriages end in divorce.


  1. A few hours ago my mom and dad started talking about a divorce…. I see why yet I don’t want it to happen….. I don’t want to move I don’t want to betray one of the,, I’m so confused can anyone help?

  2. My parents got divorced 4 years ago. My dad visits every few months, but when the end of our time together reaches I constantly cry. It’s because I know I will miss him, but it is also because I can’t really open up to him and tell him how I feel. My advice is to share your feelings with your parent who doesn’t have custody of you whenever he or she visits. It will make you feel better if you know how he or she feels about not being able to visit you too often.

  3. My dad just told me he’s done with my mom and left :'( they’re probably gonna get divorced and I don’t know what to do :'(

  4. Craziness:

    My parents to me and my twin sister, 2003 "We’re adopting four kids, they’re moving in with us in a week"

    2005 "The stress of adoption was too much foe your mother and I, so we’re getting a divorce.

    Worst 2.5 years of my life

  5. you f*cking son of a bi*tch, theres people out there that are going into depression and probably consider suicide each day and here you are saying that your familys perfect and that evreryone loves you, well its not true, you are the problem in this society, just causing more reasons for suicide. THINK BEFORE YOU TALK IDIOT!!!!

  6. When you’re little u think yr parents divorce is cuz of you but when you get older u realize they only stayed for this long cuz of you

  7. My parents arent divorced but i was laying in bed last night and they were fighting( like they allways do) and my dad was yelling at my mom saying she lied

  8. It’s just hard because I miss the family feeling and my dad was like my best friend and I don’t see him much it’s just hard

  9. It’s going to be ok. Things can be a whole lot worse. Just be optimistic, that’s the best way to cope.

  10. My parents said we.need to talk havent facebook like you think everthing like a bomb and im like this might be divorce.i.scrolled.down to get.over.a.good.20 years over so i think this is a divorce.please help

  11. Thank you so much for this vid. I’m going through my parents getting a divorce and I want both of them not just my dad but my mom left me home alone when she was drunk with my two younger brothers and I don’t know what I want


  13. awe hun, be strong, message me if you are still upset and needa talk even though it has been a month. i know how u feel. <3

  14. My parents have been fighting and splitting up for months now getting a divorce. Fuck it I dont even give a shit any more

  15. This is to anyone going through a parent’s divorce- it’s gonna be ok. You will get through this, and things will get better. I watched this video when parents were getting a divorce, and this helped alot. Trust me, your parents getting a divorce is alot better then hearing them fight all the time. What helped me cope was i talked to my best friend about it and her parents are divorced also. Talking about it helps. Your not alone, it is actually more common to divorce then to stay in marriage. 50% of marriages end up in divorce. ( Fun fact! Lol) I’ve actually gotten closer with my brother, and we barely fight. My brother and have turned more into friends then siblings. So get closer to yo siblings!!

  16. Today my parent started fighting and screaming and hitting because my dad has been e-mailing and going to a bar with another girl. Apparently he kissed her once. I am scared because mom and dad have been married for 16 years with no problems. They are not getting a divorce yet but its looking likely. I hate this girl who stole my dad… Im eleven years old. :'(

  17. my parents, especially my mum is thinking about getting a divorce, she’s seeing her lawyer this monday. I’m in tears.

  18. well this was fucking useless.. thanks for fucking nothing

    whoever made this vid prob didn’t have to deal with their parents getting divorced you piece of shit

  19. I’m so happy my mum and step dad are divorcing soon. Back to the amazing life I used to have and no more heartbreaking arguments happening several times a day! Plus both of them are going to be happier once the heartbreak has settled…whoop whoop!

    But to anyone who had a happy family (or thought they did) before the divorce, I’m so sorry but I promise it WILL get easier with time 😊 💓

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