How To Divorce A Covert Narcissist Bully (in under 5 minutes)

How To Divorce A Covert Narcissist Bully (in under 5 minutes)

How To Divorce A Covert Narcissist Bully? I’m so glad you asked!

In this video, I’ll walk you through all 4 divorce options, and tell you which ones are best when you’re divorcing a covert narcissist bully. (Spoiler Alert: Not all of them are options for you 🙂

Here are the 4 ways people can divorce:
1. DIY online divorce
2. Mediation
Here’s the link to Susan Guthrie’s Divorce In A Better Way:
3. Collaborative Divorce
4. Litigation

When you’re dealing with a covert narcissist bully, the playing field is not even. You need some power: either from a savvy mediator, the court, or your own power that you can reclaim through coaching.

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  1. I live in Georgia and my narcissist husband won’t sign the papers, we haven’t lived together in over 3 months, we don’t have any kids, property or assets together the only thing that’s holding me back is he won’t sign the papers and I can’t afford a lawyer any advice?

  2. Victoria is right. Collaborative does not work. I got talked into it by my attorney even though I had a bad feeling about it from the start. My narcissist loved every minute of the group meetings that cost a fortune and used the process to abuse me even more. 20k later, his attorney fired him, and we both found new attorneys who took the traditional route. Finally after 2 1/2 years, they divided everything up and finalized the divorce.

  3. How do you find attorneys that can get the joke into no the narcissist so that you can win you’re hearing

  4. 2 months now after the tramatic realization, her demasking, and being discarded and incessant resupply (betrayal). In the midst of tragedy and my greatest need. There never was any closure just triangulation, cynicism and games. I so desperately sought reconciliation through closure with the reliable hacker Greatermindhacker as he helped hack my cheating ex-wife’s phone and I got access to all her phone call logs, emails, text messages both deleted texts and also social media chats; whatsApp , Facebook, Instagram without having access to her phone because she is mostly out of town due to the nature of her work and I was able to track her location too, as far back as 2 years. I saw so many heartbreaking activies my wife was involved. I owe it to Greatermindhacker, He’s available 24HOURS. Just Call OR Text +16194310306 and On WhatsApp +12626837511. Contact him for closure greatermindhacker AT ….I’m glad to uncover her, lies, secrets and Infidelity.

  5. If your a man with children, it does not matter what divorce approach you take. You will lose your house thru a quick claim deed and everything in it.
    The investments will transfer to her at about 70 percent. Alimony will be taken from home equity.
    Half of all law students are female – which means your getting a female judge with children.
    The courts say " she needs it all for milk for her babies" . The man is told go get 3 jobs – you married her. That is what they said to me as her new boyfriend moved in my house. He became dad and I never saw my kids again. That was 25 years ago. Thank God youtube is now available so men know how family court really works. Divorce lawyers never tell you the truth because they want your money and your hope.

  6. So in my case, I believe my wife is the VulnerableCovert Narcissist. After 30+ years and two grown children, I have expressed my desiredetermination to divorce. I am perfectly fine with dividing our assets equally and going our separate ways. But I am finding her very reluctant to make any progress. In fact, she is now saying she wonders if I don’t have secret bank accounts given my desire to separate our finances as a first step in dissolving our marriage. I really don’t want to get into a heated legal battle, but is there an alternative? She seems amenable to a fair split, but she is not willing to do it without a lot of stipulations, which are just going to serve to prolong the process. It seems like we are doing the same thing as usual but the topics have changed and I’m not sure she isn’t just as happy to keep this up as long as possible. Help!

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