How to DIY Your CA Divorce – Pro Tips! | California Divorce Forms

How to DIY Your CA Divorce – Pro Tips! | California Divorce Forms

So many divorce forms! FL-100, FL-150, FL-180…. Hello Divorce CEO, Erin Levine breaks down each step required in a California uncontested divorce so you don’t have to do that research yourself!

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  1. Hi, nice video. My wife and I decided to divorce, uncontested. We are in
    California and both want a divorce. We were married in the UK, is it ok
    to get a divorce here? Same rules based on California? I do not expect
    disagreement in terms of finance. Our kids are over 24 years old.
    Should I file the petition first before agreeing on the financial
    details? Or should we create a marriage agreement with all the financial
    details before the petition? How to create a marriage agreement? Thank
    you. B. (In your video, it seems like you suggested filing a petition
    first, then after the response, and work on the financial details.)

  2. You say near the end of your video that we should have "someone" sign the FL-180. Excuse my ignorance, but who is that someone? A lawyer or mediator? Or just both petitioner and respondent? Thank you.

  3. Awww I’m so excited 😁 I made my first appointment and can’t wait expedite the process 🙌 😍 🤗

  4. Thank you for this. So FL100 with Summons. My financial disc with FL141 and probably FL150. Then FL180? Submit them all together or one at a time? We agreed for no spousal support so what do we check on item 8 on FL100? Thank you!

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