How to E-File for Divorce

How to E-File for Divorce

Learn the many ways you can file for a dissolution of marriage. In this session, we will cover the differences between each divorce case and how to easily file online. We will also show you how to file from the convenience of your home computer.

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  1. Mrs. Doggett, You state appts are posted every Monday Can I ask where will it be posted? 
    I’d also like to ask if you could or Mrs./Ms. Castro Elaborate on the steps or process of filing for a Dissolution of marriage uncontested/ contested with/without etc.. 
    #1) A list of items needed 
    #2)which forms to file…i.e… Indigent form, financial affidavit, view a video, gather evidence if needed…etc
    #3) which steps to take next
    #4) Parental Classes if needed 
    basically guide your peers to the correct path. Just a recommendation from an uninformed voter.

    Mrs/Ms.Castro as you are going through the explanations of some of the steps you do not elaborate on the sub-categories nor by each individual question?
    May you please revise the Video and explain each form and the sub-categories of each of the individual questions?
    You actually explained the forms in under 13:00 minutes and yet it takes Lawyers, Judges even Clerks 35-45 minutes to explain it thoroughly and even longer to travel through the court documents system. 

    I greatly appreciate the webinar, it’s great for some constituents whom are bed bound, unavailable ets… somewhat understand the process. Just remember, not all are employed by the justice system and may financially limited to be able to hire proper representation. Those who are financially limited as well as have limited legal linguistics/linguistically challenge would benefit from explanations in layman’s terms. 
    Thank you ,T.P.V

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