How to File a Divorce in Virginia

How to File a Divorce in Virginia

Virginia lawyer James H. Wilson, Jr., explains how to file a divorce in Virginia, including an explanation of some of the potential pitfalls for a pro se litigant.

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The content in this video is intended to be general legal information and not legal advice. You should consult with an attorney to discuss your particular situation.


  1. During my divorce a Property Settlement Agreement was a must. The Property Settlement Agreement dictates alimony, child support, division of property and investments. MAKE SURE YOUR LAWYER MAKES YOUR AGREEMENT NON MODIFIABLE!!!! This is very important. This will protect you from your ex trying to take you back to court to reduce alimony or child support or both. This can save you a lot of money because a Judge won’t even hear a non modifiable Agreement. My ex is a very successful Lawyer so I had to be protected by lawyers that truly cared about my case and future especially if you’ve been a stay at home for over 10 years. If you have a child that has Special Needs you have every right to ask for child support beyond 18 years old. In my Agreement just to give you an example my lawyers wanted to make sure my child was protected for life. In other words I got child support to continue until my child made more than what she’s receiving in child support. Health Insurance is also very important to think about. In my Agreement my ex must keep our daughter insured until she can obtain and pay for it on her own. As far as the length of time you receive alimony depends on what the two of you agree on. Yes the state does have their little calculator of time but you can always ask for more than what the state allows. For those seeking alimony make sure your lawyer takes into account that if your spouse exceeds a certain amount of money YOU can take him/her back to court for more support. It’s extremely important to hire a lawyer that has a really good reputation and the respect of the judges. You’ll need a power house attorney. DON’T let your spouse try to talk you into sharing the same attorney to save money. Ladies you must stay focused on the big picture. God Bless you all!!

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