How to file for divorce in Florida

How to file for divorce in Florida

The Self-Service Center is your source for help navigating the court system in Palm Beach County, providing the resources you need to represent yourself and much more. In this video, we go over each step of the divorce process and the forms you will need to fill out to file your divorce.

00:00. Introduction
02:09. Annulment
03:58. Simplified Divorce
05:23. Assets, Liabilities, Equitable distribution
07:17. Alimony
11:04. Parental Responsibility
14:59. Child Support
17:29. Divorce Step-By-Step
18:57. Fees & Indigent Status
20:43. Statutory Requirements
22:06. Initial Court Filing
27:21. Service/Summons
31:19. Respondents Answer
33:34. Mandatory Disclosure, Mediation, Parenting Course
39:05. Final Judgment
43:32. Workshop Toolbox

Please note: The Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller can only provide ministerial assistance and cannot give legal advice.

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or contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller’s Self Service Center at (561) 355-7048.

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