How to File for Divorce in Florida

How to File for Divorce in Florida

It can be tricky knowing what first steps to take in order to successfully file for divorce in Florida. If you’re in the process of separating from your spouse, it’s helpful to know what your rights are.

First off, you still have the rights to your home (if it’s in your name) and to your children. You spouse cannot deny you those rights unless a court has ordered otherwise.

Second, it’s important that you establish a visitation schedule with your spouse in order to guarantee you can still see your children and spend time with them even before the divorce is finalized. This will help the judge’s process, as well.

Third, you’ll need to establish a new residence if you’re leaving your home and make sure that it’s a nice, safe environment for your children when they stay with you. Consider how comfortable they’ll be in your new home or apartment and who else they’ll be exposed to in the process.

Fourth, finding a good attorney and submitting all the necessary paperwork is key. If you need additional advice in this area, you can always call me at (863) 295-9300.


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