How to File For Divorce in Kansas

How to File For Divorce in Kansas

Forms –

STEP 1 – Download Kansas Divorce Papers

STEP 2 – Both parties should meet in order to fill out the Marital Settlement Agreement.

STEP 3 – The spouse that has decided to file for divorce must fill out the following forms and sign in front of a notary:

Divorce Petition
Domestic Relations Affidavit
Civil Information Sheet
Domestic Relations Affidavit

The spouse must file these forms at the county court clerk’s office where you reside.

Pay the $180 filing fee.

STEP 4 – Mail all the required forms via certified mail with return receipt requested. The Return of Service form must be filed with the court clerk’s office.

While at the clerk’s office get a Notice of Hearing form. Ask for a court hearing and fill out the Notice of Hearing form and file it with a copy that you will have to send to your spouse again via certified mail return receipt.

Bring the Return of Service back to the clerk’s office.

STEP 5 – Go to your hearing and bring your Divorce Decree completed as well as 3 copies and file it with the clerk after the Judge has signed it. The clerk will ask you to complete a Certificate of Divorce or Annulment form which you will complete and file at that time.

Your divorce is complete in the State of Kansas.

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