How to File For Divorce in Kentucky

How to File For Divorce in Kentucky

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STEP 1 – Download Kentucky Divorce Papers

STEP 2 – The Spouse that has decided to file for divorce must complete the following forms and be sure to have them filed with the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in the County where you reside:

Case Data Information Sheet
Pay $113 filing fee with the court.

STEP 3 – You and your spouse should meet in order to give him or her a copy of the Summons and fill out the following forms:

Marital Settlement Agreement
Entry of Appearance Waiver
Mandatory Case Disclosure

Once these forms have been filled out they need to be filed at the county court clerk’s office within 30 days of filing the Summons.

STEP 4 – At this time you should be at least 60 days separated from your spouse in order to file the following forms:

Desposition of Petitioner
Findings of Fact and Decree of Dissolution of Marriage

STEP 5 – If you have completed the process you will not have a court hearing. You will receive your Decree of Dissolution in the mail and your divorce will be complete in the State of Kentucky.


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  2. Wanna hear something hilarious? I clicked on the part of the website that says "with children"… directed me to menu for a pizza joint! Not kidding

  3. Thank you for the great video. I have just one question, this steps would work if for example she has a child from another relationship?

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