How to File For Divorce in Las Vegas

How to File For Divorce in Las Vegas


STEP 1 – Download the required Las Vegas divorce papers:

STEP 2 – The spouses will need to get together to fill out the following forms and file them at the Clark County Court Clerk’s office located at:
Address: 601 North Pecos Road Las Vegas, NV 89101
Telephone: (702) 455-2385
Resident Witness Affidavit
Complaint for Divorce -or- Joint Petition for Divorce
Civil Cover Sheet
Family Court Cover Sheet
Marital Settlement Agreement
Certificate of Mailing
3 copies of all forms
2 stamped, self-addressed envelopes (1 for each spouse).

STEP 3 -Submit the forms to the county court clerk’s office in the county you have been residing in for at least 6 weeks. Pay the filing fee of $289 (check with your county to see the fee).
*If you did not file a Joint Petition, you will need to serve your spouse within 45 days according to the court.


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