How to File For Divorce in Maryland

How to File For Divorce in Maryland


STEP 1 – Download Maryland Divorce Papers –

STEP 2 – You should meet with your spouse and complete all the forms below and attach them to the Complaint for Absolute Divorce form:

Civil Domestic Case Information Report
Complaint for Absolute Divorce (See Complaint for Absolute Divorce Information Guide to assist you)
Financial Statement
Child Support Worksheet (A or B)
Separation and Property Settlement Agreement
Joint Statement of Martial Property

STEP 3 – The spouse filing for the divorce must file the forms with the county court clerk’s office and pay the filing fee (ranges from $80 to $135 depending on your county).

The clerk will give you a Writ of Summons that you will have to use in order to serve your spouse (Next Step).

STEP 4 – You can serve you spouse by having anyone (but yourself) personally deliver the forms personally and directly to the spouse (not left in mailbox). The person you select must complete the Affidavit of Service.

File the Affidavit of Service and the Writ of Summons with the clerk’s office.

STEP 5 – You will have to contact your spouse in order for him or her to complete the following forms and file them with the clerk’s office:

Civil Domestic Case Information Report
Financial Statement

After filing, your spouse should then get a copy of all the filed forms and mail them to you.

STEP 6 – You both are now ready to make a court hearing date. You will need to complete fill in and file the Request for Hearing or Proceeding and the clerk will notify both parties of the court date.

STEP 7 – You will need to bring a witness in the event the Judge wants someone to testify what you submitted in the Complaint for Absolute Divorce.Also, you will need to bring copies of the Judgment and Marital Settlement Agreement.

If the Judge approves of all the forms submitted then you will be granted a signed Judgment which will be your official certification that legalizes you divorce in Maryland.


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