How to File For Divorce in Massachusetts

How to File For Divorce in Massachusetts


STEP 1 – Download Massachusetts Divorce Papers –

STEP 2 – Before starting the process, you must get a Statistical Report form from the Register of Probate Office retrieve an original copy of your Marriage Certificate.

STEP 3 – You must meet with your spouse in order to fill out the following forms:
Joint Petition for Divorce
Sworn Affidavit
Separation Agreement (*Attach to the Petition)
Financial Statement Short Form (*if income under $75,000)
Financial Statement Long Form (*if income greater than $75,000)
Affidavit Disclosing Care or Custody Proceedings (*if minor children)
Child Support Guidelines Worksheet
Request for Trial

File these forms to the Circuit County Court Clerk’s office where you reside and pay the $220 filing fee. You will be granted a court hearing date at this time.

*HAVE MINOR CHILDREN? – If so, you and your spouse will need to complete court approved Parental Education classes. The county court clerk’s office will direct you to the appropriate classes to you and your Spouse to complete.

STEP 4 – Go to your court hearing, if the Judge sees that you have successfully filed all the forms necessary a Findings will be signed and be sent to you in the mail.

STEP 5 – 120 days after your court hearing, you can get a Certificate of Divorce from the clerk for your records to show that in the State of Massachusetts your divorce has been finalized.


  1. If I receive a rejection for my divorce because my financial statement is not clear, what do I do next? Do I submit more prove or start from beginning

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