How to File For Divorce in Michigan

How to File For Divorce in Michigan


STEP 1 – Download Michigan Divorce Papers

STEP 2 – The person that has decided to file for divorce must fill out the following forms and submit to the Michigan County Court Clerk’s Office in your county:
Complaint for Divorce

STEP 3 – Now you must send the following forms to your spouse:
Answer and Waiver Form
Copy of Your ‘Complaint for Divorce’

STEP 4 – Now you must find a way to get a completed ‘Answer and Waiver Form (803D)’ from your spouse. Once you receive this form back, you will have to deliver and file it with the clerk.

STEP 5 – Each spouse, on their own, must complete and file with the court the following forms:
Disclosure of Income and Health Insurance Information
Employment Status Disclosure
Marital Settlement Agreement
*If you have children, you must fill out the Child Care Verification Form

STEP 6 – The spouse that had originally filed the complaint must completely fill out the Judgment and attach the Separation Agreement and send both the documents to the other spouse. Make 3 copies and keep with you until your court hearing.
STEP 7 – At this time you are ready to make a date with the court. Complete the Notice of Hearing form and send to your spouse a copy and file it with the court as well as the Judgement.

STEP 8 – At this time you will be provided with a court hearing date. Be sure to bring the Record of Divorce or Annulment to the court hearing. At the hearing or shortly after you will receive a Ceritificate of Judgement which will be the official form that solidifies your divorce.


  1. It there a way to pay someone to fill everything out for me? I was told if i do it wrong i havr to start over

  2. My wife and I wanted to file for a uncontested divorce. So we did on Michigan’s website their was like 40 pages that got printed.what papers do I summit to the county with my money order.?all of the 40 pages? Then before I summit the money order and papers to county clerk can I have my spouse just sign them and turn them in at the beginning with money order and papers? It’s uncontested divorce.we both filled out the papers together. Custody and times assets everything.

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