How to File For Divorce in Nebraska

How to File For Divorce in Nebraska

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STEP 1 – Download the required Nebraska divorce papers


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STEP 2 – The Spouse that has decided to file for divorce must complete the following forms and be sure to have them filed with the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in the County where you reside:
Complaint for Dissolution of Marriage
Vital Statistics Certificate
Confidential Party Form
Social Security Information Form
Pay filing fee with the court. Find the required fee here.

STEP 3 – You must inform your spouse of the filing by sending a copy of the Complaint to your spouse. You must also have your spouse complete and sign the Voluntary Appearance form. Once you have received this form back from your spouse completed and signed, you must return it to the clerk’s office.
*IF YOU HAVE MINOR CHILDREN – You will have to get ask for the parental education courses in your county. You and your spouse will have to complete a short course and will have to get a certificate to prove course completion.

STEP 4 – You should meet with your spouse to fill out the following forms:
Financial Affidavit for Child Support (if minor children)
Decree of Dissolution of Marriage
Parenting Plan (if minor children)

STEP 5 – At this time you are ready to schedule a divorce hearing. You will need to fill out a Notice of Hearing form (2 copies) and bring it to the clerk’s office. The clerk will give you a court hearing date and you will need to send one copy of the Notice of Hearing to your spouse.

STEP 6 – Go to your court hearing, as long as you have completed the steps accordingly the Judge will authorize your Decree of Dissolution of Marriage. Your divorce however will not be complete for 30 days after the hearing and you will not be able to re-marry for another 181 days.

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