How to File For Divorce in South Carolina

How to File For Divorce in South Carolina

STEP 1 – Download the required South Carolina divorce papers:

STEP 2 – The person that has decided to file for divorce must fill out the following forms, make 4 copies, and submit to the South Carolina Circuit Court Clerk’s Office:
Complaint For Divorce
Divorce Summons
$150 Filing Fee

STEP 3 – Now you must Serve copies of your filed documents to your Spouse.
*It is highly recommended at this time to also send your spouse the Acceptance of Service and Waiver. You will need to have him or her return it completely filled in to you.

STEP 4 – You can now file the following documents with the clerk’s office:
Affidavit of Service Form
Acceptance of Service and Waiver Form

STEP 5 – Both parties should arrange to meet to complete the following forms:
Financial Declaration Form
Separation and Property Settlement Agreement

STEP 6 – In order to get a court hearing date, you must complete and file the Request for Hearing Form.

STEP 7 – Go to your hearing and bring: 4 copies of all completed and filed divorce papers and forms, a completed Divorce Decree, and a witness (close friend) that will maybe have to testify to in the event the Judge asks for proof that the marriage is in discourse.


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