How to File For Divorce in Wisconsin

How to File For Divorce in Wisconsin


STEP 1 – 2 ways to download the required Wisconsin divorce papers:

STEP 2 – The Spouse that has decided to file for divorce must complete the following forms and file with the Court Clerk’s Office in the County where you reside:
Make 4 Copies of both forms
*Bring a check *You may want to call the clerk to see what the filing fee is for your county (See List).

STEP 3 – You must SERVE your spouse of the filing by sending copies of the filed documents (above) as well as:
Notice and Order, Administrative Dismissal Date
Financial Disclosure Statement
Admission of Service
Requirement to Attend Parent Education Program (*if you have minor children)
You can serve your spouse either through a process server, or anyone over the age of 18. The person or company you select will have to have your spouse fill out the Admission of Service form and return it to you. You must then file the Admission of Service form to the clerk’s office.
*IF YOU HAVE MINOR CHILDREN – Ask the clerk about the Parental Education classes you need to complete. The clerk will have a list of credited programs that you will need to get a certificate from after successful completion.

STEP 4 – You should meet with your spouse bringing a completed Financial Disclosure Statement so that you both can negotiate the terms of the Marital Settlement Agreement. Once you both have authorized both forms and come to terms, file both forms with the clerk’s office.
While going to the clerk’s office the spouse that filed for divorce must fill out the following forms:
Order to Appear
Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Judgment of Divorce
*WHILE AT THE CLERK’S OFFICE – Be sure to request a Pre-Trial Hearing Date. Bring all divorce papers with you. Once the hearing date has been scheduled, the clerk will send your Order to Appear to the defendant.

STEP 5 – Attend the Pre-Trial hearing and if you and your spouse agree to all the terms in the divorce forms including the Marital Settlement Agreement, then the Judge will authorize the Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Judgment which completes the divorce process in Wisconsin.

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