How to fill in your financial statement (Form E) – England and Wales

How to fill in your financial statement (Form E) – England and Wales

Explains step-by-step how to fill in your financial statement (Form E) when you are asking the court for a financial order as part of a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. This is the court order that decides how to divide what you own between you. Rosemary completes her Form E and talks you through what you have to write in which box and what all the legal language means. The written guide How to fill in your financial statement (Form E) that the film refers to is no longer available, but all of the help contained in it and more is provided in How to apply for a financial order without the help of a lawyer. This guide also enables readers to access low-cost fixed-fee expert legal advice if you need it. Find it in the Help with family problems section on Advicenow.


  1. Thank you – Thank you – Thank you – Thank you – Thank you – Very very much, I have just spent two day looking at the form on the screen and getting ready to explode, so many stupid questions, does anyone actually really look at all this rubbish.

  2. I have always found form E a bit of a nightmare. I can’t thank you enough the video explains everything so easily.

  3. I’m at the beginning of this journey into the unknown and this is the first piece of truly useful help I’ve seen. Thank you for posting it.

  4. Thank You so much, I have no legal representation and my ex has the bank of Mum & Dad helping her get Legal help, living rent free, claiming Child benefits, working and receiving £400 CSA from me for our 2 children… Getting legal help is not an option for me as I simply can’t afford it. SO when I found this Video you made my life so much easier and I thank you for that.

  5. This is an amazing video, thank you. I would, however, let others know that if the significant other in the divorce process who is also required to complete the Form E, chooses to lie and/or not declare everything that they are supposed to (and than you yourself have correctly done), then it is not policed at all and nobody seems to care. Having spent lots of money completing the Form E with the aid of a solicitor, my (still not ex husband), handed to our solicitors (we have been to 2 court hearings) a Form E that was no only incomplete but was also full of dishonest figures which didn’t add up. Other than bringing this to his solicitors attention, who don’t care at all, he has completely got away with lying on the form. Be warned. We are now going to trial and I have been assured that a trial will be different to hearings and everything will be taken into consideration. Unfortunately I have lost all faith in the legal system, along with my home (I have 2 children) and I have no legal representation due to lack of money. Our divorce proceedings started in 2015. Something has to change in the legal system, these forms have to be policed.

  6. Having been frustrated with a lack of engagement from solicitors with help and advice in completing the Form E, this video has been a real lifeline and has highlighted how with a little support and guidance, a lot of time and patience, solicitors are not always necessary.

  7. She’s life saver, I had no idea how to fill in the form, the way she runs it through is undescribable. God bless you and hope you get what you wish for.

  8. Thanks for the video. But can you please help completing the Form A ? Theres so many boxes to tick on the first page ! Thanks

  9. This is an amazing video, I cant possibly thank you enough. You have really really set my mind at rest.  Do you have plans to do this for other Divorce forms such as form A?

  10. If my ex has asked the court for a financial application do I now reply as a respondent from now on or am I asking also for a financial application and so I am the applicant?

  11. This has been a life saver. Filling out his form on my own has been a night mare,  I have watched it many times to help file out the form. Thank you so much.

  12. Very well explained. Really nice that you talk clearly and at a slower speed so that it’s easier to follow. Thank you.

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