How to find an attorney to help for free.

How to find an attorney to help for free.

You may have a problem to solve or you may be sued and do not have the means to hire counsel. If it is a criminal situation you can ask for a public defender to be appointed to help you. There are also ways to obtain an attorney for a minimal or no cost in a civil matter. Some of those ways are covered in this video.


  1. How can I get an Attorney for Real Estate .. Big Money Inherit.. Classic Cars ..Lots More .. Uncle WON’T LET GO . THERES A WILL …Please Direct Me To A PRO: Thanks so Much 👍

  2. I am hoping to not have to get an attorney, but things could get ugly fast and I may have to do so. I’m trying to research Washington state laws regarding tenants rights in regards to having a vehicle towed, specifically one that was just sold, but the owner can’t pick it up till next week. Worried the landlord may try to have it towed anyway. Not enough time to research all this, it is about to be played out in less than an hour and a half from now. Just praying things will be okay. Hoping I won’t need to call the police on this issue.

  3. Thanks, for sharing everything! I have pursued all avenues you explained no help yet! I was an organic farmer for years it’s now been ruined by elected officials’ criminal nationwide intent! My mom and grandfather worked their whole lives to pay cash for this family farm now ruined! My civil and at Federal, State, County, City level lawsuits for Federal, State, Couty, city regulations & laws broken by the State, County of Missouri, USA This involves Criminal intent to public safety with insurance company fraud as well there separated active hazardous material spills not conatined, Has now ruined my family farm as well all farms within my region! Know someone who gets cancer or disease this is why! As well as a million dollars a mile budgeted by President Trump 2019 to re-do highways, interstates statewide! I even email Pressiebt Trump to no replies I at least notified him of the budget money allocated and the responsibilities of elected officials on these matters! Active hazardous materials leak, spill still unknown materials, unknown distance traveled, an unknown quantity, unknown materials! Evidence in the plain view as MODOTrufuse to acknowledge this damage! We all raise food beef cattle production, Turkeys, chickens, eggs, dairy products right here in the Midwest! I am sick myself with pre-existing conditions same on that matter denied any help as do=isabled!

    The USA has gone to hell in a handbasket with corruption! Seen it with this incident and many others over the years as a fireman retird now for years! I have been trained, state-certified in all subject matters listed! Even one of the said owns they do not even listen as called pass the buck for responsibility! This is now making me move out of state after a state investigation on property and the insurance issue as a civil matters lawsuit! I have no rights as a US Citizen trying to make someone take responsibility! Stating this for the record if I die of health issues related to the subject matter! Contacted Governor, LT, Governor, Attorney general for the state of Missouri no actions or replies to emails, phone calls reported for 16 months now! The USDA, locally and in Washington, DC Sonny Purdue Secretary of agriculture 2020 same no reply of response to many emails! Reports all to local NBC, Fox, ABC new TV channels for investigative reports nothing done same deal ni replies to countless, emails for public safety! EPA, Chemtrec, Department of natural resources, city health department, Water and soil conservation for my county! All incidents reported and photo-documented! Called 911 countless times as innocent school children getting on and off buses 5 days a week playing in ditch water! Reported all to local hospitals, coroners office in region Sherriffs department, Highway Patrol. State Trooper they are all aware of these events! No actions as criminal intent to public safety! They care less if you die or get in an accident due to their incompetence! If anyone has toxic chemical poisoning cause if death! As HIPA laws apply to doctor patient confidentiality! I will never hear of such things unless I know the family members affected! I even contacted the FBI and US Marshalls from the beginning! They will do an investigation of someone doe to all explained for Criminal intent to public safety! As Federal, State, County, City laws and regulations go every county nationwide in the USA is responsible for any amount of hazardous materials spill! Other than still waiting to get my first vaccine shot now for months! On a waiting list again!

    If anyone reading know attorneys in Missouri USA licensed to practice please tell them to view my video beginning this weekend as now posting everything on YT channels until I moved out of state! I even reach out to FARM -AID all their lawyers are out of state reccomended! Think before you eat something! Where and how did this arrive at you for your meal today globally!, Be safe everyone!

  4. howbout when an HOA ASSOCIATION wants $70,000.00 for a maintenace check you took office & they said to MAIL IT,,,,,then THEY say they got it 30 days late & judge porposely delays court for 4 yrs to allowsCAMPBELL MANAGEMENT /Deerfld Bch,FL,, them to jack up attorney fees to 70k

  5. Decided to reserve my initial thoughts…very glad I did. Thank you for giving the right information for FREE….Thank you colleague. May finely revealed forever grow in abundance.

  6. How do I go about finding some sort of legal aid or pro bono help in my situation? I’ve recently lost my job because of the pandemic. I don’t qualify for unemployment. I have a wage theft case. My current home state is California. I’m relocating to Tennessee in a couple of weeks. Another former employer, a digital marketing agency in Florida, wrongfully terminated me without prior warning or a clear, specific reason after only 17 days of employment in July. It still owes me $2,000. I had a remote position in the agency. The agency has pulled off a scam in which companies exploit remote workers for free labor. In which state should I seek legal help? Should I ask an attorney to write a demand letter first because the HR/admin guy bullied me by telling me not to contact the agency ever again? Would a lawsuit or some sort of settlement work? What should I do, considering that this is an interstate case?

    Thank you in advance and thank you for the informative video.

  7. I called my legal aid society I am being sued by an insurance and they said they only help with paperwork

  8. thats not true i watch in civil court and made have legal aid. that lawyer try to look for volunteers if not still come back with a ple deal and had to show up in court 10 times no trial ?

  9. Hi cps went to court and got a judge to remove my 16 yr old from home they gave me a couple days to admit him to hospital n they said if i don’t admit him in the three days they would go court to have him remove he was on 2 mg abilify and he was ok at home but now i feel the mental institution making him crazy

  10. Do you have any interest in getting a lawyer for legal assistance?…send a message +15203440084 on WhatsApp

  11. Hello! My friend is seeking an affordable criminal lawyer in Houston. They were charged for deadly contact for drifting at a car meet. I appreciate any advice! Thank you so much (:

  12. This video sucks monkey balls because COURT APPOINTED LAWYERS work for the state @ the end of the day. F this video #Next

  13. Yes ty so much for making this video and God bless you! I will let you know how it’s goes! Again I appreciate you doing this! So helpful! I’m on it! My daughters father refuses to allow us to have a relationship and it’s been an ongoing case for eight years here in Colorado so I definitely want to let you know how it goes have a wonderful day and thank you thank you thank you thank you

    A’K CO

  14. Is it legal for a local police department to fine someone after 6 years since the case took place? It was a charge for curfew violation for my 14 year old son, who is now 21, I witnessed the judge dismissing the case because he never got into any trouble. The judge told him he was free to go and not to get into no more trouble, The judge never told my son and I that he had to do 10 hours of community service. Also a clerk at the police department stated that a minor can sign papers without a parent present. Is it lawful to have minors sign papers without the parent knowing? Had I known 6 years ago I would have took him to do the 10 hour community service.

  15. the state attorney on my case purposely withheld the judges motion to discovery and then gave me a blind plea that had noting to do with my charges. is this unlawful. the judge then granted the state a extinction of 10 days to get the discovery taken care of. I’m not taking a plea I’m actually innocent but I want to fix this broken system so the next america that gets wrongfully charged doesn’t get cheated.

  16. Hey thank you, I have 3 attorneys that I have good cause to file against for lack of or poor representation and I have depleted all funds on them. I was going to contact the Utah State Bar Association but I figured they would look into it and investigate it but I would like to file for damages and figured that the state bar would not do it. So I have not felt comfortable in contacting the state bar rather I wanted to contact a private attorney to file lawsuits against these three attorneys and then file complaints with the state bar to at least have them investigated and hopefully get a bad mark on their name. I feel confused on what way to handle this this. This was over a divorce even my divorce papers are completely messed up and make no sense that the judge drew up. He made a terrible mess of the wording them they make no sense like it says that my ex should pay me alimony and then in the middle of the papers it says that I pay him alimony and then at the end it says he pays me Alimony and I am Desperate for help. So it sounds to me like my best step is still to go to this Utah State bar first and or apply for legal aid right? I need a seasoned attorney my divorce was so messy that I really need a large firm or somebody who knows what they’re doing to take this on. I am definitely going to call the state bar and ask for a list of attorneys that handle pro bono cases that would be great if they have one but I’m not sure if they do in Utah. If you have any further advice I would appreciate it thank you

  17. You have provided great clear & concise information ! Any legal process for layman can be so overwhelming ! Your video is an extremely easy explanation to help get started! Exceptionally helpful! Thank You!

  18. There is man in Tampa, FL that is prisoner in his own land because of the judge didn’t want to look at the evidence and no one cares even the news. If anyone knows a good attorney please let us know.
    The justice in this country has a problem, how do you fix that so the judges can’t do that to other people just for lies?

  19. Hello guys can somebody help me to have a contact in government or lawyer’s in spanish because someone give me a info that they give me a money, but i want to know if that’s real

  20. Thank you so much, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get legal representation for a while now, my dad is not paying child support and I’m working to support my mother right now, you are a godsend

  21. Would you suggest an employee (who has gone to EEOC) choose mediation or litigation(Discrimination/retaliation/religion)?
    I said no to mediation but am being pressed and persuaded to do mediation instead for timesake.

    Thanks for your advice in this video as well.

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