In today’s video I wanted to show you how to find low cost or no cost legal immigration help. You can find non-profit or charitable community organizations that provide immigration help and representation in front of USCIS or immigration courts. If you believe you need an attorney and cannot afford it, this option is definitely for you. Explore these resources.

I am not an immigration attorney; I cannot consult you on your personal case and give you legal advice. I can answer general questions. My knowledge is based on publicly available information.

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  1. This is definitely legit. I found a lawyer who is helping us for free and he is a part of a non profit.

    I found him on my own before I saw this video but u just wanted to validate what you said. Keep up the good work Kseniya 👏🏿!

  2. i am a us citizen by birth but i have lived in Mexico most of my life. I am 29 years old and my husband and i have been married for 2 years in a church ceremony, not a civil ceremony in Mexico. He is working with an agricultural visa in the us. Since I have not lived in the us is there a residency requirement for me to immigrate him. I have relatives in the us who are available to cosign the affidavit of support. Appreciate any information

  3. i think a friend of my mine was wrongfully denied adjustment. the Denial letter stated the two reasons as 1. she didnt explain well enough how she came into the country, but she came into the us at age 10.

    2. was she couldn’t prove that she was in the US at exactly dec 2000, but she has school and medical records from 1993 to 2015

  4. Hello kseniya, how are u doing, am called SH ,I would like to know how much u charge for the marriage base case. Incase u handle the marriage cases

  5. Ma’am our case was revoked 2 years ago for some reasons. Now we complete this days documents. Is it possible to make an appeal or motions? Please help me with any information if you know.

  6. I am looking to have my husband get pr status in Canada not USA , we submitted our app June 23 and heard nothing , we paid , submitted all forms , took us days and shows submitted but can not reiew on line as immigration has not emailed us with a client number. How do I get a number so I can review my own app. whats the point if you dont hear from them

  7. I would like a non-profit immigration but don’t know where to find one I live in west palm Beach I just need someone to fill out the application for me

  8. We have P2 case the principle applicant with 3 grandchildren are in the USA during evacuation from Qatar and we came to Abu Dhabi with 16 members of the family. We received ARR number from USCIS on 6/Dec/21. It has one google form and It want the initial information of principle applicant and she was in the USA. Therfore, we did not receive TC/Case number after that but the other who was here received It.

  9. Husband is in holding n phx gonna be moved to Florence. He didn’t have family around and just me. I can’t afford a lawyer right now. Idk what to do. I never thought he would ever have issue and he has been here for many many years .

  10. In F3 category, the petitioner has not been in the USA for a long time, about 10 years.  Currently he is in USA.  He had no tax file and no income.  But the co-sponsor has all the papers.
    Now, when filling up DS-260, what documents should Petitioner submit instead of tax return / proof of income?

    Or do last year’s tax return now, even though he was not in USA last year.
    what will the alternative ?

  11. I noticed that you leave some lines completely blank when filling out your forms without putting N/A in them. Also, what do you do if the form such as I-846 is expired?

  12. I have a question I’m so stupid so my documents for the j1 visa waiver program reached the embassy yesterday. Made stupid mistakes 😭😭not in answering any questions it was my photos. So my photo is 5 x 5 inches not cm. also my digital photo has shadows. I should have payed more attention to it. Will it get me my visa denied or will they just ask for a valid photo? As all the questions and everything else is fine. How much of a delay will it cause and will they send my documents back or just request a photo?? Sorry for bother just trying to find answers. I heard about a blue slip 221g will I get that?? I know you don’t know the delay process but do you have an idea? Will they take into account that I start uni in a month

  13. Hi, hope you r fine.Currently I’m 16 years old. My biological mother remarried when I was 6. My step brother is an by born US citizen who’s over 21 years of age. He wants to petition for my step dad and my mom. I want to know if I’ll automatically get visa through my biological mom since I’m under 18 years of age. I don’t have any other guardians here other than my parents so it’ll become a great problem if both of them moves to the US. So I’m sincerely requesting you to give me information on this matter.

  14. What happens if someone is not able to come back to US before SB 1 Visa expires. I have been approved, it expires in end of December 2021. The airline ticket prices are too high now because of holidays season. If I come back in January when ticket prices are lower then what happens?

  15. Please I will like to know if this services are available for all immigrants irrespective of nationality? or are there few exceptions?

  16. I been deported, I’m looking for a immigration deportation criminal relief lawyer, if any help will be appropriate thank you!

  17. Can I the ( sponsor petitioner husband) us citizen , change my job while having a pending I-130 petition ?
    I filed already online. But I want to change states and jobs. Will this be a problem. Please help me ???

  18. Please, I need your advice on this issue.
    I have an immigrant visa. In my USCIS application, I used Houston, Texas as my US address but now my point of entry will be Atlanta, Georgia. Please is there any consequence for not first going to the port of entry of my initial address which is Houston?

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