How To Find Official Public Records Online

How To Find Official Public Records Online

This video will show you how to find official federal, state, county and local US government public records online using the best public recrd directories, search engines and print directories.


  1. I need to find my nieces mother! They disappeared a year ago and we don’t know where they are πŸ˜₯

  2. Man I wish you could help me. I need to get a copy of my ex spouses marriage certificate in San Diego California for Social Security purposes and it seems like there’s many steps to doing this which are confusing to me. We were divorced in Volusia county Florida so somehow I’m going to need to get a form from the San Diego county office to fill out to get a notarized. Certified copy of the marriage certificate that was about 30 years ago. Could you send me a link or something that I can do or hire somebody to do this for me? But whatever you can do to help me would be so appreciated. Take care Carrie

  3. Thank you- happy to open source our public record!

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