How to get DIVORCE quickly?

How to get DIVORCE quickly?

This is purely a #free #legal #awareness video on the topic Mutual Consent Divorce in India.

The #National #Judicial #Data #Grid #NJDG provides alarming data on pendency of several types of cases in the Courts in India. It is well known fact that #DIVORCE between a warring couple not only changes their lives but also has a psychological effect on the children and the society as a whole. Time and again, the Indian Judiciary has observed the changing scenarios in Matrimonial disputes. The divorce and separation rates have seen a spike. Regular divorce cases take long number of years to get disposed off and such delay is the result of pendency of cases, misplaced priorities of couples, strategic and vexatious litigation aimed to frustrate litigation and compel either party to settle demands etc. Unfortunately, everyone loses sight of what they lose in respect of their life, time, mental and physical #wellbeing of children.

Not just this, the problem is aggravated due lack of knowledge. Estranged couples fall into the trap of fraudsters and agents who claim to grant divorce without requiring them to go to the Court only to realise later that they were not divorced at all and fell into greater trouble by remarrying etc.

The only available method to escape this loss and conundrum is to opt for Divorce by #Mutual #Consent. The provision for divorce by Mutual consent is available to Hindus, Christians, Parsis, and Muslims under dedicated marriage and divorce laws. It is also available under the Special Marriage Act.

Divorce is granted by #Decree of Court in a maximum of 18 months from the date of filing. Kindly note that the consent for mutual divorce must exist till grant of decree. Consent can be withdrawn in fit circumstances at any time before passing of order or decree.

A divorce decree granted by court is the only #legal proof of divorce and therefore, this document assumes great significance in #VISA requirements, financial transactions, name change etc.

This video teaches law on divorce by mutual consent through the story of an #aged couple (Chandu and Chanda Rathod) who are on their journey to seek divorce. Will they get divorce? What are their experiences in the journey? To find out answers to all these, watch the video and gain from their experiences. And do let us know your comments. Share the video with others so that they can benefit from it.

Vidhi LAB is a platform that seeks to experiment on legal awareness methods and strategies and thereafter analyse the outcome in terms of reach among all sections of the society. Majority of the people involved in the making of this video are legal professionals who take time out from their busy schedules to contribute to Legal Awareness.


Music jingles by Power Director

Mr. Sanjay Krishna Nair (Chanda Rathod/ Old Wife)
Student @VVEHS

Mr. Arpit Verma (Chandu Rathod/ Old Husband)
BLS. LL.B. (FY) Student @ MKES College of Law

Ms. Ishita Udani (M/s. Divorce Farziwala & Co. – fake divorce business)
Student @ VVEHS

Mr. Santosh Sawant (Judge, Family Court)
Engineer & Partner, Archi Space Consultants

Adv. Akanksha Verma (Advocate)
Advocate enrolled with BCMG, Maharashtra

Adv. Ekta Verma (Family Court Counsellor)
Advocate enrolled with BCMG, Maharashtra

******Special Mentions**********
Adv. Ashok Verma (Audience)

*****Legal Inputs*********
Leagas Law Associates (

******Director & Producer******
Adv. Ekta Verma @Vidhi LAB
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  1. In a short span of 13 minutes, you guys taught us Section 13(B) of Hindu Mariage act with case reference. Amazing.👍👍

  2. The BEST way to explain such provision of Laws in dramatic/entertaining but informative way. Waiting to see such more videos on other legal provisions.

  3. Excellent!😍
    I really enjoyed😁, top performance by all.👌💯
    legal info provided much in depth.
    Thank you & congratulations💕 to Vidhi lab for giving such knowledge with this beautiful type of performance.
    I must say learn with fun and be aware of fraudsters.👍

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  5. Very nice information….Fake Divorce Deed aaj bhi Mumbai ke Bandra Court ke bahar kai toats karte hai….you have thrown light on the same…hope this will help spread awareness….and Chanda Rathod Ka toh jawab Nahi…kya khub acting ki hai and Kitna innocence…

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