How to Get Free Legal Help in all 50 States: Pro Bono Legal Aid and DIY Options Available!

How to Get Free Legal Help in all 50 States: Pro Bono Legal Aid and DIY Options Available!

We’ve figured out how to get free legal help in the US! if you need legal representation but cannot afford an attorney, these pro bono legal aid agencies, workshops and DIY services can help you!

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In criminal cases, most people know that they are entitled to a free attorney. However, that is not true in civil cases like divorce, debt collection and eviction. You are not eligible for a public defender in those cases, so an astonishing number of people represent themselves in court.

That can be a disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Fortunately, you can get free legal help with
-debt collection
-child support
-social security disability
-VA disability
-and more!

We’ll show you how to get free legal help in all 50 US states. If you need legal help but can’t afford to pay for it, be sure to check out for more information.

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  1. im being forced since 18 years old to have a payee,and im 48 now,i was never in court yet and proven to need 1 all this time,im a good man cuz of raised since 4 years old with law in family,nothing on my record except traffic like accidents,lights thats it nothing else,was also threatnined,bribed,lied to and forced to put up my daughter for open adoption right after she was born in 2014 and was never given a chance to be a dad,which made me give up a cat which they made false claims about,which caused her mom to run off with another man,they keep threatning if i try to fight this i’ll never see my daughter again,they claim cats are a danger to my daughter just for assuming cats piss/mark over kids,claim they attack kids like a pitbull,and kill them if they are laying down by laying on their faces so they cant breathe and do it that way,they claim its illegal and a crime for the mentally ill to have kids of their own,they threatin if i fight this i lose her forever,they claim that open adoption is illegal to change,and all forms of adoption cant be dropped,when ive seen people do it and get their kids back or more time with them,i want legal action for this,my family abandoned me due to a lie about bed bugs that doesnt exist anymore,money is illegally kept from me by my payee such as the money from my moms sudden death,any money from covid (seen some not all) im getting screwed from a decent food stamps amount to live on i get very little to even survive on per week,my payee makes me wait,she refuses to meet in person so to me thats illegal for a payee to refuse to meet their clients in person,i cant find work without a car/way to travel that doesnt require lots of money or credit cards/paypal,im always turned down all because i cant show a high school diploma/GED and hard to always be cleanly shaven all the time so i want something done and wanna be happy and get a chance at life and find out what the law truely is on these issues and if im right about the cat/payee and daughter thing i want changes

  2. My sister’s son has seizures has had a implant but still has them they live in Orlando FL ,She can’t find low-income housing do u no anybody can help her it’s ridiculously high rent she can’t pay with terrible problems ,But if Landlord kicks her out for saying something she’s afraid they’ll be kicked out pls help

  3. So I’m not sure if this falls into any of your categories for legal help but maybe you or someone reading this can point me to the right place or thing to do. This grandmother and her grandson (he is 22) live in a rather run down trailer out in what I would call the boonies. She has worked her entire adult life and has done her best for her and her grandson. About a year ago their old stove gave out and she bought a new one. It was gas. The gas company has done a very poor job of setting her stove up. The oven part didn’t work for the longest even tho she pleaded with them to come back and fix it right (she paid for all of this). To make a very long story shorter they continue to bill her for gas she couldn’t possibly use. She has tried to get them to address the problem but they shrug her off. I personally think there is a leak as the ground around the tank is charcoal black. So so much more to this story. If you have any ideas on what she should do it would be great. One other small detail, she is very sweet but just a bit slow. Thank you.

  4. Sorry but this is not true. Legal aid told me I have to represent myself. They will not help you if you fall on hard times and get sued.

  5. I haven’t seen my daughter since 2013. She was 9. She is 16 now and hates me. I couldn’t afford a lawyer and didn’t qualify for legal aide. The last 7 years have been the worst of my life. I’m in Kansas.

  6. I cried at the end of your video. Everything you list that legal aide can/will help you with is happening to me and Legal aid of North Carolina told me they don’t handle "your kind of case." Although it’s listed in their description. I’ve been beaten down so far I honestly don’t know if I will recover. The land that I’ve lived on land i’ve leased for 3+ yrs with my son in a mobile home that belongs to me. Apparently they foreclosed on my landlord. they just showed up at my door when I was a police officer and throw us out on the street. No warning, no legal process, eviction process, Nothing! Everything I’ve worked so hard through out my life, they now say doesn’t belong to me. They harass me and threaten me Every time I turn around. Theyve stolen from me, destroyed my property, They kept my car that is fully paid for and fully in my name causing me to lose my job.They CALLED the electric co and had my power turned off to prevent me from going back.
    Everything was fine, just living life. Until they knocked on my door and bullied me to the road and destroyed our lives and kept everything we’ve ever owned. I can’t carry anything more on my shoulders. I can’t hire an atty to sue them. My son and I were made INSTANTLY HOMELESS and told "that’s not my problem" Thanks North Carolina I always wanna die like this. WHY DOESNT ANYONE SEE ME? Why doesn’t anyone care? This is real

  7. I have to appear for a first time misdemeanor parking lot hit and run. Im admitting guilt. Do I need a lawyer to help with lowering the sentence?
    I’m 62, with no priors.

  8. I am living in Ethiopia but my dad is in France he is French citizen and denied his paternity what can I do

  9. I helped someone and let him borrow 20k, he was waiting on a settlement. After he received his settlement he was to pay me back. He received his settlement and has not paid me back.

  10. I was wrongful termination. I worked for a property manager.from 2008 same building different owners. On February 2 2014 . I was wrongful termination. One of the tenant asked me who changed her locks on her door. I said the owner and maintenance guy. She called the police and police asked me do I no who changed the locks. I said yes the owner and maintenance guy. The owner came and talked to the police. Owner told me he had to go think. Owner and maintenance guy came and got the cameras from my unit. And hand me a paper letter termination on February the 2nd on March 2nd he is asking for $2,400 because that’s what says on the termination letter if I stay on in the unit I have to come up with 2400 I’m coming as a new person I have a case but nobody wants to help me to do the paperwork I am disabled I’m on oxygen and his owner don’t care he’s I have an old contract from the previous owner and I need help I get people that tells me different lawyers that they can help me don’t tell me what you can do do it yes I know I have a case can someone help me help me with the paperwork and help me in court fight for me

  11. Would you suggest an employee (who has gone to EEOC) choose mediation or litigation(Discrimination/retaliation/religion)?
    I said no to mediation but am being pressed and persuaded to do mediation instead for timesake.
    Either way, will have to get an attorney.

    Thanks for your advice in this video as well.

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