How to Get What you Want in Divorce Mediation | Ask a Divorce Mediator

How to Get What you Want in Divorce Mediation | Ask a Divorce Mediator

How to Get What you Want in Divorce Mediation | Ask a Divorce Mediator // When couples decide to proceed with separation or divorce, they often feel unprepared and alone. In therapy, Parallel Wellness works with couples contemplating “Is my marriage over?”, “Should I get divorced?” and “Can i save my marriage?” In this video, we interview Paul Sweatman of Dignified Divorce Vancouver, a divorce mediator to gain insight into the mediation process, how to avoid mediation conflict, and his advice on divorce and separation. Before divorce, couples may seek couples counselling or even attend counselling for divorce and separation throughout their medication experience.

In this video, Paul covers his top divorce advice, divorce mediation tips and divorce tips for couples getting divorced, how to amicably divorce with kids, managing spousal and child support agreements, and his divorce legal advice. He also shares about supporting clients when they choose to stop divorce.

Paul Sweatman – Dignified Divorce Vancouver
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  1. "How to get what you want in divorce mediation."
    Says nothing about how to get what you want in a divorce mediation.
    Thanks for waisting our time.

  2. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! ❤️Are you considering divorce mediation? What are your questions for Paul?

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