How To Handle Attorney Fees After An Ugly Divorce

How To Handle Attorney Fees After An Ugly Divorce

How To Handle Attorney Fees After An Ugly Divorce

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  1. Stop getting married with these state contracts. Marriage is under god. Most rich people arent married through the state. Learn the game men!

  2. Lol so plan for the Lawyer’s expense at $500 amo along with child support he may already be paying while making $49,000 a year. Lol Dave really needs a reality check!

  3. Yeah this is the worst advice he has ever given anyone I’m really disappointed… like yup just keep paying it… there’s other options. How about figuring out if he can afford to keep paying $500 a month he might have other fees like child support

  4. I will not get married. All the other men like me won’t get married or bring innocent children into this corrupt family law system. The number of men like me is growing every day. You think the national debt is a problem? We are the foundation of civilization and we are walking away.

  5. Why do people still get married? Give me good reasons. Take into account everything that goes on today. Not anything that "was".

  6. How good is the lawyer if he’s paying child support on 50-50 custody to be wortg $5K a year? He needs to put the girls on his health insurance & pay for child care directly and stop paying the mom.

  7. $500 a month is a lot of money. Is this guy supposed to work 2 full time jobs and cut down to 4 hours of sleep per night. Be careful guys…some of Daves advice is questionable. People who work 90 hours per week get chronic illnesses and die!

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