How to Heal From Your Parents’ Divorce | Joey Pontarelli

How to Heal From Your Parents’ Divorce | Joey Pontarelli

What are the next steps for healing after your parents’ divorce? Joey Pontarelli’s parents separated when he was 11 and later divorced. It brought much pain and many problems into his life. Searching for help, he was shocked by the lack of resources for young people from broken families. And so, he started Restored to fill the void.

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As the founder and president of Restored, Joey received his bachelor’s degree in Finance from Franciscan University of Steubenville and his MBA from Benedictine College. He’s spoken around the U.S., Europe, and Central America. His articles have been featured on various blogs such as the Chastity Project, the Culture Project, FOCUS, and in Shalom Tidings Magazine. Joey lives in Colorado with his wife, Brigid. As a child of divorce, Joey Pontarelli started Restored to help other children of divorce. Restored creates content that gives practical advice to teens and young adults on how to cope and heal after the trauma of their parents’ divorce or separation, so they can feel whole again.

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