1. Me and my wife have been together for 18 years and just got back together three days ago after being separated for 6 months. Divorce was on the docket but we are doing our best to keep this from happening. Things are definitely looking up but it’s still very challenging but it seems to get better every day. We have three children, 2 boys with autism (17 & 3) and our baby girl with Down Syndrome. Our daughter with Down Syndrome had two open heart surgeries fairly recently at 5 months old, then a pacemaker installed. She also has Hirschsprung’s disease which led to her having a colostomy bag installed at five days old. She has several more surgeries to go. If I can say this to anyone, I would tell you do what you need to do to make it work. Sometimes you need to suck it up. You can’t be fickle. Fight for your family. People say you shouldn’t stay together for your children, well that’s fine. But if you still love each other as well as your children and are split due to circumstances or tragedies that have put you in a state of constant depression, stress, about everything you can imagine in this situation like this, then you must come together and not give up. You must keep moving forward and keep on fighting. Many other people have it a lot easier or a lot worse than me/us but I’ve certainly come out of the other side a lot more knowledgeable and appreciative of my wife and all the things our family is capable of when we are a team instead of constantly at odds and bickering. We are learning to get along again and not take our stress out on each other and our kids get to enjoy both of their parents as well. This is what it’s all about. For all of you going through tough times out there, keep your chin up and like I said, don’t stop fighting, don’t lose hope, never lose hope. If you truly care about the other person you’re married to, you can’t lose hope and you need to keep fighting. If you don’t, then it’s time to pack it up and move on. But if you love her or him, keep fighting, HARD! A little patience and understanding and reassurance to your spouse goes a long ways and a big thanks to my godfather dr jaj who help me using his spiritual power and prayers in keeping my family safe and if any of you out there need an astrologer or a spell caster please email; drjajspellhome@gmail.com

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  2. I was not broken-hearted after my divorce because to be honest I was never suppose to be married to my now ex-husband in the first place. No one should have to deal with any form of abuse in their marriage. I wrote and published a book on my life and I detail my experiences in my marriage and with my ex-in-laws…My book is called…A JEALOUS PERSON WILL KILL YOU, LITERALLY!”

  3. This is soo encouraging, there is life after Divorce,…Qst though-if she/he walked out of marriage and got into another relationship that later never worked,is it agnaist the Bible teaching to refuse her/access to your life again if she now ready to settle

  4. Thank you for uploading the wisdom of a great man of God. His wisdom has blessed me beyond what I can ever describe. Glory to God🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  5. Ouch.. When a person is hurting, they became an introvert
    (self isolation)
    To be honest, all what you said sir are only the painful truths but Thankyou so much.. I guess, someone understand what really inside of me that’s unspoken. Godbless you po and please kindly continue praying for us.

  6. Moses never said people had to come TO HIM to get a divorce. Jews went to the Bet Dein ( the Judges- 70 elders as approved by HaShem ) on ALL legal matters and for instruction on how to keep the perfect laws of HaShem. It is unfortunate that Xians try to replace what the Holy One (blessed ne He) established with the contrary teaching of a human who supposedly lived THOUSANDS of years after the ETERNAL covenant containing those laws were given to Israel. Why dont Xians do what the bible says to do? Go ask the JEWS if you want to learn about G_d

  7. I want to SHARE this BEFORE I WATCH:

    I was one of the HAPPIEST women EVER on Divorce Court Day! When I left my husband of 10 years it felt like the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD WAS LIFTED OFF OF MY SHOULDERS literally🔥 And I was finally FREE to be the POWERFUL woman of GOD he created me to be without any more hindrances, jealousy, envy, or EVIL EYES preying on me to FAIL. GOD WILL MAKE A WAY OF ESCAPE & mines was a peaceful one with NO arguing, fighting or anything. I SLAMMED the door in the devils face by LEAVING HIM EVERYTHING WITH A SMILE🌼

    I accomplished GREAT things after divorce & the JUDGE SAW clearly he was the problem AFTER admitting I was a PERFECT GODLY WIFE🔥


    Okay so I listened to the entire sermon. Can U CLEAR UP 37:47 to 37:58 please?

    The statement saying: IF ur separated or legally divorced still carrying that name, u are still MARRIED in GOD’S eyes????

    THOSE are statements the BODY needs to be CLEARED UP because it’s people walking around ADULTURERS & REMARRYING because THIS is NOT being explained CLEAR ENOUGH!!!! But SLIDING it in there with fast talking. No disrespect but that’s what U just did. (I rewind it like 5+ times to HEAR IT & figure what ends where🤔 Smh)

  8. Thank you Lord for this great teacher. Im deeply thankful and blessed to have come across his teaching. Helped me live life after divorce and separation.

  9. I have always suspected my wife was cheating on me. We have been married for 12 years now and its been a smooth ride until last year when she changed and started seeing other men. A friend of mine linked me up with a great hacker ultimate Hack who helped me hack into her phone, I had complete access to her phone right on my device and I could monitor all her activities for the past 2 years and also have access to new notifications, her location, call logs, text messages and all. I was left with no other choice.I loved my wife so much and I just dont know why she chose to betray me, I have been a good husband and never for once cheated on her. I tracked her down to a hotel where I found her with another man . You can contact them at ultimatehack003 at gmail or Whatsapp +17202954268 or text and call them directly on the same number.They helped me get access into her phone without even touching her phone.I have enough evidence against my wife now and I am thinking of Filing for divorce. I want advice from men and other women on here, should I give her another chance because of our kids or file for divorce ? We have a 9 months old baby

  10. The best medicine for divorce is nothing but to surrender all to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to take over your life. Without the Holy Spirit, no body can survive divorce. But if you have the Holy Spirit by your side, you will not even recognize that there was anything called divorce. The Holy Spirit will so comfort you that you will be surprise how you survived it. God is a heart mender and a bone keeper.
    Father in heaven thank you for planning my life. I’m so grateful Jesus. All glory goes to you my God.

  11. Okay so I listened to the entire sermon. GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION & U just stated a few different scenarios that is CONFUSING because ur sentences where NOT completed….. Smh Can U CLEAR UP 37:47 to 37:58 please?


    IF ur separated or legally divorced still carrying that name, u are still MARRIED in GOD’S eyes????

    THOSE are statements the BODY needs to be CLEARED UP because it’s people walking around ADULTURERS & REMARRYING because THIS is NOT being explained CLEAR ENOUGH!!!! But SLIDING it in there with fast talking. No disrespect but that’s what U just did. (I rewind it like 5+ times to HEAR IT & figure what ends where🤔 Smh)

  12. The only way pots and pans can help in a fight is to cook a good meal to the one you offended and ask them for forgiveness.

  13. Divorce is a terrible thing, research document is one of the most stressful events an individual can go through. Individual can experience mini hell on earth if they married a wrong partner. I pray for the unmarried never to marry a wrong partner

  14. You ladies can listen to this man if you want to… The moment you so call "divorce" your husband and think of another man you are forever an adulterous.

  15. This sermon was such a blessing. Father, thank you. Divorce/Separation/Breakups are painful. Yes God said He hates divorce but LOVES YOU AND I. Then you start dating after divorce and when that fails its like a double blow. I have now learned that I never fully surrendered my pain to Him. As I take myself to the feet of Jesus. Let us press on!

  16. After my divorce, I was going through a terrible depression. I couldn’t sleep for days and kept on blaming my ex and missing her a lot, until I litsen to the teaching which changed my way of thinking. God really has been my source of help.
    I have written this teaching whereby I’m encouraging others based on what they are going through.
    True the Lord is near to the brokenhearted Psalms 34:18

  17. Wedding vows are against The HOLY BIBLE. I thank YESHUA GOD ALMIGHTY that i didn’t vow to GOD, but just answered the Bishop’s questions.

    CHRIST YESHUA GOD ALMIGHTY said except martial unfaithfulness and people go and swear an oath when CHRIST YESHUA GOD ALMIGHTY said don’t sweat at all to go even beyond martial unfaithfulness when CHRIST YESHUA GOD ALMIGHTY said that anything beyond yes or no it’s of the devil.

  18. Dr. Monroe is incorrect. MOSES DID NOT INVENT DIVORCE. Clearly it was iin the laws GOD. How is he fascinating the whole narrative! The very 1st mention of Divorce was RIGHT IN THE LAWS OF G_d as G_D spoke them to Moshe our Rabbeinu. Our Creators laws are PERFECT. Divorce is allowed but its not some stand alone made up by Moses, while all the OTHER laws are from heaven! 😂 Why do Xians place the words of a man, Gzus over the words of G_d? Its ridiculous. It wasnt Moses that "allowed divorce", it was G<D ans it is because of His WISDOM, and wanting what is best for His ppl. HaShem doesnt require people to remain in miserable situations.

  19. Mine was getting sympathy for him and mistook it foe love 💘 😪. How i survived 25 after divorce is by His grace. Our God is faithful 🙏. 🙏 🙌

  20. I married a Muslim man. Is this a blessed marriage. We don’t pray together as he says his prays to Allah and me To Jesus. We are separated for a while. I’m so confused

  21. Please pray with me….I have a four months baby girl….. husband brings women home…they abuse me…I haven’t moved out since I HV no financial stability…I do everything during the day n I lock myself in one bedroom put earphones or play with my baby…I am confused n depressed….I just want to move out but without a job n Cash n a breastfeeding child…o lord deliver me.take this cup of pain …my baby is suffering cz I don’t have breakfast milk…

  22. I am going through separation right now and it has been such a painful experience. Losing your partner is one of the many pains, but how the church makes you feel like an outcast or a leper is the worst. I have been down low and suicidal. I have a little son who has to watch me deal with it all and I have most of the time plastered a very strong face for the sake of my son, but the whole divorce experience is like slow death. It literally kills you! I can relate to each and every word Pastor is talking about. How the partner leaves and then how carelessly the church handles such broken people is the worst form of mental and emotional abuse. I am fixing my eyes on Jesus for my healing-because people are people, they will always disappoint. I do thank God for very supportive parents & my son. They are the only reason for my life ❤️🙏🏼🌈 I hope everyone going through pain right now is healed in their hearts and i hope the hurting stops for you all.

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  24. I thank God for this sermon. My husband is an evangelist who had an affair with another man wife and got her pregnant and me pregnant at the same time. He is now living with another woman in our home now. And I am trying to get over the pain while living with my parents again. I tried to commit suicide after I found out and I am still trying to fight that feeling. I know that the battle is not mine, it belongs to God.

  25. Going through a break up right this very moment…Very difficult, because I still Love her, but Knowing God is definitely the only hope I need right now and that is sufficient 🙏🏽

  26. This is one of the most powerful teachings i have ever heard and deeply grateful for, Thank you Holy Spirit🙏🏽

  27. Listening to this right now, but already shared it out there.
    True man of God. I believe when we talk prophecy, Dr. M. M got it!!!.
    His lives on. For you are truly God sent just like the son of God was then.
    We are blessed because you are.✝️🛐🙏.

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