How To Manage Emails In A Divorce

How To Manage Emails In A Divorce

Managing emails in a high conflict divorce is exhausting. Watch this video to learn 5 tips that will help you create peace in your day, in your mind and in your life so you can starting being the best version of yourself now!

Having too many emails is a common problem in today’s world. But managing emails from a high conflict, narcissist, or abusive ex requires different strategies – and I share my top 5 tips with you in this video.

Case By Case Divorce is a channel committed to supporting women going through divorce with practical tips and advice that work. I know you don’t have a ton of time, you need real solutions that are going to have a positive impact on your life, now.

That’s what Case By Case Divorce is all about. Each video offers guidance and suggestions as well as validation and empathy.

Are you still text messaging your ex? Watch this!

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0:49 High conflict people use communication to trigger emotions in you
1:30 The best strategy is – don’t give them the validation of an emotional response
1:56 Tip #1- Set up a separate email account ONLY for your ex
2:28 Tip #2- Set ‘business hours’
3:06 Decide when you will check emails and stick to it
4:10 Breath break
4:19 Tip #3- Never respond in the first 24 hours
4:40 Tip #4 – Write 2 responses. 1 emotional response, 1 professional response
5:17 Tip #5- Don’t explain, defend, prescribe or advise
5:55 Answer questions, ignore everything else
6:20 recap

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