How to Prepare Financially for Divorce and How to Recover Financially After Divorce

How to Prepare Financially for Divorce and How to Recover Financially After Divorce

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BOSS UP, GODDESS! Elizabeth Ann Atkins Interviews Rhonda Noordyk, founder of the Women’s Financial Wellness Center and host of the podcast Divorce Conversations for Women.

Rhonda Noordyk is on a mission to help women who are contemplating and going through divorce.

You can contact her at

She also hosts the podcast Divorce Conversations for Women.

You can listen here:

Watch this show and learn the innovative ways that Rhonda’s company helps women survive and thrive through this difficult transition.


Welcome to BOSS UP, GODDESS! with Elizabeth Ann Atkins, the show where I interview trailblazing women who share their women to help us all live bigger, better, and bolder.

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