How to Prepare Financially for Divorce

How to Prepare Financially for Divorce

HOW TO PREPARE FINANCIALLY FOR A DIVORCE//Are you thinking about getting a divorce but don’t even know where to begin when it comes to preparing your finances? There are many financial aspects of a divorce and many ways to handle finances during a divorce. Watch this video to learn how to financially prepare for a breakup or divorce and strategies to employ so that you can protect yourself.
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  1. I recommend get all your important papers before they know. Mine took a lot of the papers and I had to contact institutions to obtain them.

  2. My only choice was to go far away. It was called cave ing, I saved my life this way and am still trying to save it.

  3. QUESTION.. what do you do when the leverage used is a false arrest then charges dropped then a false order of protection with no hearing… with lies in the minutes… followed up with them dropping the order of protection and modify it into a agreed order that was never served signed or consented to… no hardships weighed during covid and you are the victim?

  4. I was in mediation with a Narcissist for 12 hours and we reached a settlement , then he refused to sign !! What a waste of time and money . Now onto court

  5. I thank you for this because I’m getting divorced from a narcissist who’s abused me for 6 years! Thanks! ~Evangelist Vivian Morrell~ Romans 8:28🙏🏾♥️💯

  6. Financial investment companies can give you copies if you call and ask. Some just 8 years others longer….

  7. If the other party is nasty/disrespectful and you want to cut them off your healthcare, life insurance etc make sure to do it BEFORE you file. Ka-POW!

  8. Sadly i did not know what a narcisist is when i got divorced, so i did not get a lot, i could have gotten way more if i had not been so nice, but i am a nice person so i did not want to fight and he just wanted money. But i am free and he still does not have any money😎😎😎Love from Switzerland

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  10. I always say, everybody should have emergency funds because you never know what’s going to happen. You can meet with the most perfect person on earth and suddenly things change and you need to get out now. What’s your exit strategy?
    The best strategy to protect your funds is to create a single and separate investment, one that generates profit short-term, so even in the worst case, the court is aware of your investment it doesn’t have jurisdiction on the profits.

  11. I would dearly find it helpful, to join you FB group, but, about the time I join it, she will know. She doesn’t really spy on me, because she thinks I’m gullible/an idiot. Quite the contrary. My narc, isn’t all she can be, but she is definitely, ruthless. Id love to catch her, hidding my mail again.

  12. Rebecca, I took your SLAY course and I did mediation this week with narc husband. Thanks to your course I was OVERPREPARED and got the narc to sign an agreement. I saved most of my assets that he is legally entitled to because I stayed focused on my strategy, let him have little things, and utilized leverage. He only got 17% of our cash assets. I’m sure he walked away believing that he won because he got a cash settlement but I’m the winner because of what I got to keep. One of my spreadsheets was actually incorporated into the signed agreement! We also got a permanent restraining order so I won’t be hoovered. I came to the battle with weapons of narc destruction and he came with a pocketknife. Thanks again for your program!!!

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  15. We have a home that just sold. He doesn’t want to pay me my half as this home was used as collateral for a 2nd home. How do you create leverage? A lien?

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  17. what if we have separate checking accounts how am I supposed to get his ? because he will not i’m sure give that to me

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