How to really screw up your divorce case! The absolute best way possible.

How to really screw up your divorce case! The absolute best way possible.

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Want to really screw up your divorce case, or any family law case really bad? Inject a third party into the matter and see how bad it gets.

I practice family law, divorce, custody, domestic violence, and criminal law in Miami, Florida. I practice the most emotional and stressful type of law there is.

All my tips and advice come from real-life cases that I have handled or worked on.

Quite often, a husband or wife will bring in a third party, a girlfriend or a boyfriend, and allow that person to start having a say in the handling of the case. This happens a lot. Although I always advise my client’s against it, sometimes they just do not listen.

I hate to say it, but it is usually the husband who gets a new girlfriend or had one on the side, to begin with. When that outside person starts calling shots or having a say in the case, things can go really south in a hurry.

This can cause more stress, more emotion, more energy, and a lot more money to fight your case. The next thing you know, the wife and the girlfriend, the husband and the boyfriend, or the side guy and the side girl get into it, and the domestic violence injunctions begin to fly. This can also have a severe impact on your children.

Do yourself and your children a favor, wait until the divorce is final to start dating.

I am Your Miami Domestic Violence Lawyer, Your Miami Family Law Attorney, Your Miami Divorce Lawyer, and Your Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer!

I explain complex legal terms and concepts in ordinary language. I present Domestic violence concepts, family law terms, and criminal defense tips to help you navigate the Florida legal system.

I am Patrick McGeehan, and I am a family law and criminal defense lawyer in Miami, Florida.

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