How to Recover Financially After Divorce or Bankruptcy

How to Recover Financially After Divorce or Bankruptcy

Whether you are married or living together, does it make sense to have a joint account? What happens after? How do you qualify for refinancing of a home after divorce?

Holloway Bell attorneys tackle these questions and more with leading finance expert, Chandra Winford.

About our special guest:
Chandra Winford is the founder and CEO of Winford Financial and its subsidiaries, Money Matters, Scholars of Money Matters and Money Matters for the Marketplace. She is the author of the book “Your Money Matters and So Does How You Handle It! Chandra has dedicated her life and talents to developing and perfecting financial strategies the allow her client to reach their financial goals and live a life of debt freedom and financial abundance. What sets Chandra apart from her competitors is her God given abilities to provide a myriad of services to her clients, to include financial services, insurance products, budgeting strategies, financial planning and real estate acquisition. (

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