How to survive divorce in real life (3 steps to follow)

How to survive divorce in real life (3 steps to follow)

Olga Nadal is an advocate for changing the conversation around divorce. She is on a mission to help men and women navigate their divorce or what today’s society calls surviving divorce.
Her perspectives on transitioning from divorce are a refreshing departure from the current narrative of disempowering beliefs.
It’s not always easy to successfully divorce after a long marriage and knowing how to cope with divorce after a long partnership can be confusing.
The key to surviving divorce and healing from the separation is all about your mindset and finding the right support. If you want to learn about the surviving divorce mindset, then be sure to watch this video. You’ll walk away with practical advice on how to navigate divorce without feeling like the world is coming down on you.
Disrupting the divorce experience

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  1. Love what you said about changing the term from "survival" to "navigate". Seems so simple and yet speaks volumes. Its all about the way you see your situation. You are brilliant my friend. Keep the videos coming :).

  2. Olga Nadal this was the most difficult transition of my life at the time, but it was actually my greatest blessing. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful and inspirational content ❤

  3. Thanks for watching! First Youtube video so please let me know below if you enjoyed it. Happy Aloha Friday✌

  4. Going through it now and I’m so scared, I feel afraid ,crying, lost I feel broken
    It’s what I felt we needed because it was horrible a lot of the time, but I’m destroyed for my kids not babies but I just wanted a happy home for them..
    I’m so confused and feel so despressed

  5. Surviving or let’s say enduring a divorce IS a traumatic experience. Well we first must address that the depth of your love for the other person will dictate where you will find yourself in the process. Some people are fine after a divorce and it is probably because they didn’t truly love their former spouse or atleast not on a real deep level. Divorce is not simply a matter of rebranding yourself like after you lost your job or business. Your soul is torn in divorce , your identity is lost. You experience a roller coaster of emotions that can plague you for 5, 10 or even 20+ years. And divorce is not the same as a breakup from LTR. Divorce is just as unique as marriage its not a glorified LTR. And having children keeps you connected to the person so the part of you that is wanting to heal and bury the past can’t because it’s standing right in front of you asking for another cup of milk. There are no ‘5 ways to get through divorce’ or the ’10 steps to total freedom! Divorce is painful, be honest with yourself. Love is not a light switch that turns off because you want it to. You may still have sexual dreams about your former spouse many years later…How do you compartmentalize that? You may still find your ex attractive? That’s called being human. Each persons healing will vary and there is NO quick guide to it. You simply must live through it until you come out on the other side. The saying goes "Divorce is worse than Death"…I find that to be very true.

  6. OMG!! I love this video! Great advices. I’ve been "navigating with you" in your divorce and its totally amazing how good you guys are doing things.. You have a beautiful family, amazing kids and I think they couldnt be happier
    !!! Love you all!! (Carmen looks like a superstar!!)

  7. I used to equate divorce with failure. Then I changed the narrative to ‘this is my chance to redesign my life the way I want it’. And I soooo did 🙂

  8. Olga you are so right, I’m not divorced but I have navigated my way through some very difficult situations and events in my life using these very same tips. I’m so excited to have connected with someone who sees that there are alternatives to "just suffering" through the challenges of life. There are no idle thoughts all thinking produces form on some level. I try to tell loved ones all the time their mindset is SO important!

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  10. THank you for your positive and empowering take on divorce. Also, appreciate the Tedtalk suggestion.

  11. Great video Olga. I feel like this advice can really apply to so many areas of life. Mindset and narrative are so important!

  12. I’m really stupid and I’ve been dependent on a man for years and also I don’t want to work I just want to marry rich, is there any hope for me?

  13. Men, do not hesitate for one moment to put a restraining order against your female partner if you feel your safety and health is in jeopardy. Placing a permanent restraining order on my female partner was absolutely the wisest protective move of my adult lifetime. My only regret is not doing it years earlier. Be safe.

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