How Tom And Gisele Filed And Finalized Divorce In One Day

How Tom And Gisele Filed And Finalized Divorce In One Day

After 13 years of marriage and months of speculation, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s divorce was filed and finalized on Friday. NBC’s Sam Brock reports for TODAY.

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  1. Wow, if their issues haven’t been resolved over the years then time to move on. However only the very rich can file for divorce and it’s final in the same day, that doesn’t really happen to ordinary folks. They must have already hashed out dividing the marital property/assets/child support, etc. This too quick!

  2. Wow, talk about a quickie divorce! Poor Gisele, she doesn’t like American football! Now, if Tom was a soccer player, she’d be the most supportive supermodel wife a guy could ever have!

  3. There is no way to file and finalize a divorce in one day. This is a very misleading title. In Florida it can be done in 30 days. But there is no way they processed it that quickly and if they did, the video still didnt explain how they filed and finalized.

  4. Tom is a defendant in a massive Ponzi scheme lawsuit along with Sam Bankman Fried. This miracle 1-day divorce looks pretty fishy.

    I think this is why Tom and his wife of 13 years filed for divorce and settled their 9-digit estate + parenting plan in about an hour last week. To protect their assets from the lawsuit he’s a defendant in. Married people with children don’t amicably divorce one day over nothing. “His decision to play fb 1 more year (for $75M) meant he wasn’t spending as much time with the children, so we decided to divorce.” yeah, right. Nobody does that. Little wonder there’s No disclosure of assets.

  5. how

    usually months or even years

    you know them celebrity folks

    even normies without baggage usually

    take like three weeks

  6. This is one marriage I was sad to see end. But I definitely support both of them and their privacy is respectfully granted and I hope the press does the same!

  7. I am shocked…I wish them the best as they proceed separately with their lives..Divorce is hard but hardest on children . Tom Brady he is the best quarterback in the NFL and I admire him. I know it will be hard but he needs to try and but his head on the game when he’s playing. Season almost over. I know it’s hard Tom. Do it for your kids and the team and your fans. In the end it will help you.

  8. She has more money than him anyways, and he has millions also, so it seems easy to just discuss splitting current properties, and shared custody.

  9. super weird how they seem “fine” one day then all of a sudden they’re filing for divorce then next thing you know they’re divorced… good lesson for everyone to stop comparing their relationships to others based what they see on social media.. mostly fake and posted seeking validation from others.

  10. A quick and painless divorce with two high profile–and very rich–celebs like this is the result of killer pre-planning, prenups, etc, etc, etc. I’m sure they both had phenomenal representation before, during, and at the end of their marriage. Neither one of them will or would have ever been anything less than multi-millionaires… for the rest of their lives… so why fight over it?

  11. What a great class to require for families of divorce. Has anyone here lived in Florida and taken those courses? Were they quality?

  12. I don’t like Brady never did—too much of a diva for my blood but I can’t say I blame her…he should’ve quit football a long time ago and focused on his family life!

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