How We Are Doing UPDATE (in a funk but feeling' okay)

How We Are Doing UPDATE (in a funk but feeling' okay)

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  1. First time I’ve seen you add snips of your kids REALLY BEING KIDS. So relieved beyond expression to know that your kids cry, reject smooches, get quirky etc.
    embrace the change in your family dynamic and excited for y’all to instill some routine into it. Congratulations for having the opportunity!

  2. I love you video. I have followed other parents to get ideas for our son and over time I have stopped watching them because they always have to have some big event or their wearing 80 pounds a makeup because they have over million viewers. People love these videos for it being so refreshing and present.. thank you for that

  3. When you started to talk about God being so good and making this happen for you I cried😭 GOD IS FAITHFUL SISTER!

  4. I love your videos and your family is so sweet. It’s very encouraging and uplifting to see how you and your husband put your trust in God. Thanks for sharing your life with us! It’s a testimony.

  5. I live that you are a christen and you still support single parents instead or shaming them and other stuff like that you have opened my eyes to how I could be a loving christen and I hope I can find some kind of god because I was raised atheist but I feel like their has to be more then just us

  6. I never really want to post comment in general, but this time I want to 😅. Embrace your tears of happiness, feel free to cry because you feel happy. I do too, when I feel happy, way too lucky to have my life and husband that I love, when life is good, simple and full of love. A big thank you for sharing good values and happy lifestyle. A big wave of good energy for you and your family from Amsterdam NL. 🙏🏾

  7. I’m not a subscriber but I’m considering… I may not agree with all views you hold but you are a good person, a great mom, and a great wife to your husband.. ( For example I’m Gay and a Christian and I believe in pro choice) different things you know but I want to believe to people with all different views can live together in piece. I don’t ever write hate comments sometimes you open my eyes to new views on topics I might be closed on and other times I fully disagree . But in the end your a likable YouTuber. I just wish everyone could be nicer whether they agree with people’s views or not, I actually got made fun of for wanting to subscribe to you because some things we have different views on and my mom didn’t agree but you are a good person for: what I can see in your videos. So I’m considering again, I hope you see this comment more people have to open their eyes and realize even with different views we can all get along…

  8. I’m also feeling pretty down lately. I just broke up with my boyfriend, my internship really is stressing me out and I just failed a job interview. I need a break, but I know I’ll be fine eventually!

  9. You made me cry about having your husband home for dinner. In our family set up, we have dinner together twice a week on our weekend. I’m so glad you get to enjoy this time together with your kiddos and your love.

  10. Loved loved your previous stuff. But cant you see its not working with Kieran there? He’s awkward in front of the camera and doesn’t add value except for minding the children. You on your own, as well as the content were much more inspring. Seasons change I suppose. But at the moment it’s not much more than watching the Kardashians living their lives. But in a Christian way.

  11. Is kerin YouTuber too?? I didn’t understand it how is he working from home exactly.. would u be willing to talk about your income as full the YouTuber?? Thanks

  12. I’m emotional FOR you because I can understand how much of a dream has come true for you guys!! What goals!!

  13. I think it’s great your husband and you are working together. Do remember you need a break from each other, it’s great you have an extra hand with the kids! Remember this is all new for your husband and it will take him a while to adjust, men don’t always share their feelings like women. My husband works at home a lot of the time, but we get a break and it’s nice. I love him but I need to be me sometimes and he gets it. He also needs a break from me. Best wishes on the new journey.

  14. My husband is working full time and currently attending school 4 nights a week. There are many days he doesn’t even get to see our daughter because he leaves so early and gets home so late. I feel you when you said you almost felt like a single parent.

  15. Totally get you with the dinner thing. My partner was able to move his work hours an hour early and now gets home at dinner time. Makes such a difference for us as a family.

  16. Lady, first of, your body is awesome. Just nice. And I need to know what style of levi jeans those are, please? SoooOOOO cute. Loving your videos so much.

  17. I’m not about to say anything you’re unaware of. But you are so blessed. I’m so glad to be a small part of what’s happening for you and K. To have your hubby home more is amazing, but I know this is such a transition for you. Praying you settle into a routine soon.

  18. Am I really cheeky? I take off the plastic wrap from plastic wrapped veggies, at the packing side of the check out and hand it to the check out assistant or more often to the customer services. My friend is a supermarket manager and says the more people who do this, the more likely they are to find a solution for plastic free storage for that product because they have to pay to recycle or dispose of it.

  19. Can I just say how much I enjoy the fact your husband is in your videos with you. Like not only is he so funny (hair cut video) but you guys are adorable together and produce great content together. Praise the Lord for this opportunity and working alongside together!

  20. I wish that my husband could be home with me. We only get him home 2 nights and 2 days a week. It’s really hard! What a blessing that this was possible for you!

  21. You always bring me back to a center and remind me of how I can be a good partner to my significant other, thank you.

  22. I totally understand you! My husband works as a security guard, and he had a workplace where he had to stay there for 24 or 48 hours. I almost felt like a single lady, because he was away all the time, and when he came home, he was very tired and had to sleep a lot. But he just left his job and now he is home with me and it means so much to me ♥ Great video, God bless your sweet family

  23. Hi guys , you are so right .it almost feel like it is a luxury you value having your loved ones right by your side and making it work and value it for everyone out there is unable to work from home enjoy and you are so grateful and so lovely to see Thankyou Richardson family 🌈

  24. Thank you… as a single mom of two little boys …i needed the encouragement today, its hard some days are better than others and especially when both of them are ill at the same time, blessings from Mauritius Island Indian Ocean

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