How Women Get Over Divorce So Fast (from a Divorce Coach)

How Women Get Over Divorce So Fast (from a Divorce Coach)

Did your ex wife ever really love you? If she did… how could she move on so quickly? In this video I explain how women get over divorce so fast and what that means about you and the relationship. While it isn’t always the case, it is often true that women get over divorce faster than men (contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe!). Let’s take a deep dive into the psychology of women moving on to help you make peace with the end of your marriage.


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I’m a divorce coach. I help men recover from divorce and rebuild who they are to get healthy, get happy and move on with confidence.

That is what this channel is all about. I’ll show you how to handle intense and painful emotions, unravel what went wrong in your marriage (and heal those wounds) and build a clear roadmap for success in future relationships.

What makes me different from other coaches & therapists?

I don’t waste your time with affirmations, communication skills or changing bad habits. I go deep. To the root cause of your problems. I’m not scared of your emotions. And I don’t cling to a single approach or technique. I help you discover what works for you, because above all else, I believe in you.

You are not broken.

And you certainly aren’t the man your ex describes.

You have good intentions. You want stability. You want love and passion. You want to be seen for who you are. You want to stop pretending and still be desired and loved. It’s all possible. I know, I’ve seen it happen.

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DISCLAIMER: I am a Master NLP Practitioner and personal growth mentor. The material in this video represents my understanding and experience and nothing more. This content is not meant to replace professional medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Always consult your medical provider before making any changes to your treatment.

How do women get over divorce so fast? And if your ex wife is one of those women, did she ever really love you? Let’s take a look at three common ways how women get over divorce so fast.

First, she may have fallen out of love with you. Painful as that possibility may be to hear, it actually doesn’t mean anything about you. Love is an emotion. Like all emotions, it is strongly tied to our thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and subconscious. If your wife moved on fast, it could be because she is believing a new set of thoughts that make her feel like she fell out of love with you.

The truth is that those thoughts, even though she believes them strongly, may be completely false. If your ex wife, like most people, hasn’t learned to manage her mind, examine and question her automatic thoughts, then she is simply believing a story that is based on her own history and belief systems, not on the reality of who you are or what kind of husband you are.

If this is the case, understanding how she moved on is as simple as this: she moved on because she is believing her thoughts. You haven’t moved on because you are believing yours. Love is an emotion largely created by the way that we think about another person. For you to move on and enjoy new relationships in the future you need to intentionally examine your own thoughts and beliefs.

The second reason women move on faster is that they often compartmentalize their emotions around the divorce. This strategy can be highly effective, but it doesn’t make the emotions go away. In fact, it is really important to process those emotions at some point, otherwise they will impact the way she relates and connects in future relationships.

Although it seems like women on faster, it is also quite possible that your ex wife didn’t. Sometimes the actions she take that make it look like she moved on quickly are actually coping mechanisms. She dates to distract herself. She goes out to feel excitement and avoid experiencing the pain, regret or guilt around the divorce. Moving on can also be a way to avoid doing the hard emotional work of processing, healing and recovering from the end of an intimate, important relationship.


  1. Women “fall out of love” aka the drug of your attention begins to lose its effect and she goes out and finds new forms of attention (aka new drugs) and finding that attention and validation is really all they need to move on…men actually build pair bonds that transcends superficial need for attention. It’s just they way we are wired.

  2. So for women – if a husband isn’t meeting her needs their needs, it’s her job to convince herself that it is enough ? Just accept whatever and tell yourself it’s enough

  3. This is why men don’t invest again
    Your dating pool is full of knoches on an headboard.
    Simple truth is nice guys don’t win.
    The grass is greener cos you didn’t water this side.
    The reality is, your searching for a guy like the one you had only to find guys like the one you created
    Happy hunting.

  4. Totally agree. That is why God stated that revenge is His. I have always encouraged women to stay in their marriages despite the pain their husbands have done to them. And this is the basis " what God has yoked together let no man/woman put apart" meaning ONLY God holds the right to end a marriage In Malachi 2vs 16 Jehovah God has stated " For I hate divorce." This all means no matter what happens in your marriage not even the innocent party has the right to put apart what God has yoked together even though the man has done such evil against her. Women initiate divorces most times and they end up being alone for the rest of their lives because they have done what God hates and they end up being the ones punished the most when they take into their hands what they have no right to do. Then because the man has not divorced his wife even though he is the cause of the problems that led to his wife ending the marriage, he gets away with it by being blessed with another woman whilst the woman lives alone to death. I always advise women do not return evil for evil because you never know that the evil you return , you could pay severely for it. Divorce is the worst evil than adultery because it destroys generations as well. Hence, these women suffer the most. Our grandparents stayed in their marriages even though they faced what we face today. Pray for your husband before you pray for yourself so God can help him with wisdom. Maintain your integrity no matter what, it will get better in time. I know it. Allow for forgiveness at slme point. Nothing is unforgivable. Even murderers get pardoned

  5. Great video. I think it is the same for men who get over women quickly. esp. the first one.

  6. Thank you for everything, Rachael. This one was a rather difficult gut check. And you’re spot on, as I’m beginning to learn is par for the course.

    Nights are the worst. Thanks for your online presence.

  7. Based on the story you told, he actually wasn’t there for you because he left you there when you actually got hurt. He made it all about himself.

  8. Your videos have been a tremendous help to me as the love of my life, my soon to be ex-wife, and I end our 12 year marriage, which has been a work in progress since she told me that she didn’t think we were in love anymore 5 months ago and didn’t want to try to make it work. I’ve experienced tons of emotions and there’s very little support in dealing with these emotions on the web outside of divorce strategy and women bashing videos. I find you to be an absolutely amazing source for bringing a level of balance to this painful time in my life. Please continue your work and thank you for sharing it with the world.

  9. So, basically should not invest too much emotion in a marriage cause the woman (typically) would decide to end the whole marriage based on an insecurity and a self made reason? When i look back at my marriage, i see that ending it would end a lifetime work on building a whole entity (house, financial security, children, companionship and love). Whilst for the woman, she would get to keep most of what the man has built including the children and part of his income. How can a man avoid his wife falling into such insecurities, and if not possible what would a man do to protect his life’s work and finances. He will surely need that if he is ever going to try and find love again

  10. I thought it was just because she is a soulless, evil demon with no emotion whatsoever. Who knew

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