1. Yeah. But you can’t even judge the relationship based off those 2 letters. Too many nuances to say “she’s wrong” or “she’s right!” From the outside…

  2. Maybe I am glad I’m single my whole life. I struggle with communicate with others my problems and keep quiet I scared to be judge so I continue to stay slient

  3. 👆🏼👆🏼When we started this I wasn’t sure we could pull this off but you certainly did it..

  4. I’ve heard the exact same story but the gender was flip it was the wife who complain and husband reply to it

  5. I heard one version in which her sister turned out to be transgender.


    She never ever told him, i wonder why.

  6. She actually doesn’t have the freedom to cheat with another man because like it or not, she is committing adultery too, at her unloving husband’s request.

  7. Huh? 5 minutes ago I saw another YouTube video that has this exact same letter but with the genders reversed, it is the wife’s letter to the husband.

  8. Fun fact he wouldn’t get a dime even if she didn’t talk to her lawyers
    But if we switch roles then she might still get all of his money

  9. They guy make it seem it’s all about himself instead of asking if the wife is feeling alright but no get angry about it.

  10. Planning to spend the rest of your life with someone? IMO, you have to do 2 things: FIRST: spend a week camping together (like in a tent), where you have to rely on each other and each other is all you have to keep you company and entertained. SECOND: Go to ikea together to set up the love nest home you will have together, you will see how your significant other sees themselves living, like if you both had to make decisions what the apt. or house will look like etc. LOL you will find out what the other person is like IMO just by these 2 things.

  11. 👆🏼👆🏼When we started this I wasn’t sure we could pull this off but you certainly did it..

  12. 02:52 – Oh dear 😭, if you won the lottery while still being married girlfriend, your husband while still being married to you IS GOING TO GET HALF OF THAT LOTTERY MONEY. Your laywer probably told you after you wrote your ‘power’ and ‘woman power’ letter. The same for you, if he wins the lottery while you are still married to him YOU get half that lottery money. Sorry you gotta pay up money to that evil despicable abhorrent detestable terrible terrible husband girlfriend. Next time find a Man or Woman to marry who will give you the attention you so desperately need.

  13. Didn’t have to read her letter to realize that he was a whiner. The worst was when he admitted he was having an affair with her sister. Even if he wanted to have an affair, doing it with the wife’s sister js the lowest of the lows.

  14. People lie. Perhaps both the wife and husband were lying and exaggerating in the letters they wrote. YouTube videos often lie also.

  15. 👆🏼👆🏼When we started this I wasn’t sure we could pull this off but you certainly did it..

  16. This couple really must have little to no communication. Because both of their letters stated how they almost have a disdain for each other, which only happens when there is no communication.

  17. Dang what a wreck. I think if a person was to experience both sides of that, could potentially be a better mate or ruined. Undecided ccurrently

  18. He screwed himself out of a life of labor free comfort. Good for her, though. He didn’t seem like someone you would want to be around anyway.

  19. He’s letter didn’t not make me putty him he sounded like a douchebag from the start. Who the hell writes, “I’ve been a good man….” what an idiot.

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