I-130 Petition Taking Over 1-Year, Getting Divorced & Remarried (Immigration Advice)

I-130 Petition Taking Over 1-Year, Getting Divorced & Remarried (Immigration Advice)

9-23-19 Social Media Check-In

0:00 I’ve had my green card based on marriage for three-years. Can I petition my new, second spouse for a green card?

0:38 If a U.S citizen filed for a 21-year-old son in September of 2012 – how much longer will the son have to wait before he gets his interview?

1:06 How long does it take USCIS to process an I-360 application?

1:30 Should my wife file a Mandamus if the I-130 petition is taking over one year to get approved?

1:49 Would being arrested for drug paraphernalia prevent me from getting my green card?

2:45 Can I expedite my EAD?

3:07 When will I hear a decision from USCIS after completing my marriage-based interview?

4:21 Do you have any advice on how a U.S. company/employer can sponsor me for a green card?

4:40 My adjustment of status and EAD have been halted due to form I-290b. What can I do?

5:19 How long does it take to receive an update on your case after the biometrics have been completed?

5:34 Can I divorce and remarry while my I-360, VAWA application is pending?

5:37 Would public charge affect my friend traveling to the U.S. on a visa?

5:51 If a U.S. citizen submitted two I-130 petitions, one for his/her spouse and the other for his/her step-child, but the step-child’s petition is approved before the spouse’s — what does that mean?

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  1. Hlw i have a question i got 10 years green card and now im apply the divorce…. how much time to get my divorce finaly plz answer me…

  2. Hi. My I-130 petition was approved I had problems with my wife she withdrew the i-751 petition later she divorced me .we had lived together for almost, 11years.
    Is there any releaf in the immigration law for me that I could get the i-751 petition get approved? Please awnser my question.
    Thanks much.

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