I-130 Processing Times | March 2022 Update

I-130 Processing Times | March 2022 Update

Form I-130, officially called the Petition for Alien Relative, established the family relationship between a U.S. Citizen or green card holder and the person seeking a green card. The processing times for this form depending on the family relationship and the USCIS field office that receives your form.

Here are the most current processing times as of March 2022.

Additional Resources:

Form I-130, Explained: https://bit.ly/36UX7N9
March Visa Bulletin: https://bit.ly/3IzdIE1

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  1. Be prepared for a looong dreadful wait. We have been waiting since September 2020 and not a single word has come from USCIS sometimes it feels as if we never submitted those forms. We don’t know what to expect, are they EVER going to call us?

  2. Quick question, the bulletin does not mention all countries, how can we estimate F4 Visa for a specific country, In my case Tunisia?

  3. Please is applyin for i 130 online better and please how long it takes to get receipt number if someone do it online?
    Thank you

  4. Nebraska is not taking 4 to 7 months our case was filed in Jan 19 and DQ date is Jan 21 but still interview is pending. islamabad embassy is very slow in arranging interview for IR 5 .

  5. The USCIS sent me a letter in March 2010 as proof that they have my 1-30 application for my brother. At the time they said that it will take 9 years and 9 months before his application can be reviewed. It is now 12. 5 years later . They have just moved the time on and I was just informed not to contact them again before March 2025. In other words, it is a cruel joke.

  6. It do not matter processing times of I-130.it can be processed and you still have to wait on NVC and the the Embassy to give you interview date. I am still waiting on them to give my husband a letter. 2 years and counting.
    And I am a US citizen. They say a visa is always available. Guess that was a lie.
    And this back log. Why keep prosessingI-130. Give our spouses a visa we are already documentary qualified.
    All about money. That is what it is about.
    The more I-130 processed the money they get. Not fair to us that has already paid and waiting

  7. My daughter is an american citisen she aplied for me in may 2021 and my case is still under review when how long does it take to be approved?

  8. I am annoyed lol, I’ve been on actively reviewed for months now 😂 this shit has me so stressed I’m about just keep traveling to my husband at this point

  9. i been waiting since 2013 ! i miss my mom its been 17 years already never see her since i been here in california. my mom is now old and hopefully not to get sick. pls help us!

  10. Everyone paying the same money to file there paperwork,then why some service Center is shorter and other longer and everyone is paying the same money,service Center taking 25 months for a US citizen filing for a spouse,while other taking 3-4 months for a US citizen filing for a spouse why is it this way i got understand

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