I-751 Approved | Timeline And Evidence Submitted?

I-751 Approved | Timeline And Evidence Submitted?

Here is my latest update on my I-751 application.

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  1. Hello, do we really need to produce a pocket of requirements and send it to USCIS or can we file directly online (thru USCIS website)? Thank you for you kind response.

  2. If someone is on asylum status, can her sister who is a US citizen file I-130 for her? If yes, will she be able to apply for work authorization?

  3. Thank you for the video, I m going to file my I751 next week, I have one question, do I need to write anything specific on the mail envelope while I file all the document?

  4. Hey INDAY. My wife had biometric appointment 2 weeks ago. How long do you think we need to wait for the new green card.?

  5. There is only one address in Arizona that the packet can be sent by FedEx. How do they assign the case to different states?

  6. Hi, it’s me again. Just one last question if you don’t mind. Do you suggest that I include also our Last Will & Testaments on our I-751 application? Thanks!

  7. Good day, tanong q Lang, ang receipt date ng application ko ay May 27, 2021 Tapos and receipt date of case inquiry ay April 27, 2021, Pwde na ba akong mgfile ng case request online or need q muna mging may 27 ang receipt date case inquiry? Thank you

  8. Hi Inday, according to the list you attached at the end of the video, did you two get divorced? Because you attached the divorce paper there. What if I get divorced while my I751 is pending? Do I file the divorce paper to USCIS?

  9. Congrats, so i have question my case was start on july 23 ,2020 I-571 but still not approved yet , they says your case is ready for interview why need interview i give them all document about me and my wife our drive license address, bank account, tax all are joint we have child together too but still pending and before 3 days they send me another paper which is more 6 month pending because of covid19 i am tired of this USCIS process,i am planing to back my back home 🧒

  10. Thanks for these informative videos not sure if you will read it I file my I 751 in March of 2021 and yet to receive interview or extension

  11. I have been waiting over 3 years for my approval. They keep on telling me due to covid19 and shortness of staff. It takes longer

  12. Sis Salamat kaaju sa emong update dako jud tabang. Waiting for my 10 year green card hopefully dali rah sis need nako mouli sa pinas

  13. I do not know if you will read this but I want to thank you with all my heart I sent my I-751 based on your videos but I applied without my husband since I had been a victim of domestic violence and I had to leave him I thought I would be deported but thanks to your videos I was able to send my application and I have received my extension for two years … thank you, you are a being of Light without your help it would not have been possible because your videos were the clearest that I found others confused me and you are very clear you do not know the positive impact that made my life find your channel I wish you all the blessings of the world much happiness and abundance for you and a long and happy life

  14. Ate ask ko lng may rfe pa kayang dadating six months na after i file my i751 tapos na rin ang biometrics ko ty

  15. Hi! I used your video to submitt our I 751, I sent Oct 19th 2021 my husband went in for fingerprints and the status still says case received only. Is this normal timeliness? We got an extension for 24 months after expiration 1/11/22.

  16. Congrats Inday! Thank you for sharing your journey 😊. I followed your tutorial on preparing I-751 forms and it was very helpful with my husband’s application. We got his 10 year green card today! No interview or fingerprints needed as well.

  17. Hi, I love watching your videos!
    I did apply for my 10 years by watching your videos, so helpful!
    I just have a question here for you…
    I did send my materials in February 2021 for my 10 years.. since then I got 2 extensions from USCIS. First one was for 12 months and then previous one they sent me was in November 2021 for 24 months. My Permanent Resident card expired 04/16/2021 on the hard copy. But then they extended it for 24 months. But I think I can apply for citizenship after 3 years? which is in 04/16/2022…. but the question I have is I haven’t gotten approved for 10 years, but am I still eligible to apply for citizenship eventhouh I haven’t gotten my 10 years hard copy card yet?
    thank you for you response

  18. Hi Inday, please who should write a cover letter? Is it the green cardholder or the citizen spouse?
    Thank you!

  19. Sending my congratulatory greetings, you did a great job that can inspired others.

  20. Hello Sis, new sub here! im really happy i found your channel so worried about my green card. I have a question sis hope you answer.. did your status was change from “ready for interview” to “new card was being produced” because you mentioned you didn’t have to go for an interview? because my status now is ready for an interview im wondering if that could change to me too and skip the interview part

  21. Sis ask ko Lang need ba ang married name Kong mag adjust ng status/ Green card?
    I mean miron namang Marriage certificate.
    Or Okay Lang ba na di married name gamitin Kong mag adjust ng status/ green card?.

  22. Hi Sis, with your reused biometrics on file letter, kadumdum pa bka if niupdate sa tracker or u just got the mail? Thank you sis

  23. This might be a dumb question, but you submitted all relationship proof that was AFTER your 2 year green card was issued right?. ie: photos, bank statements, lease etc? Thank you!

  24. Hey, did you applied before EAD card, if yes so how long did it takes? And what was your field office for your EAD, because I’m waiting from 7th months for my EAD card. I already done my biometrics 45 days ago. Thanks

  25. Hi i have 2 year conditional green card expired im still in phillippines. My husband back to texas i have daughter. With me he came with k2 but we havent file adjustment status for her but only me and i just included her to my form so i only one got greencard my question if i filed this form i could included my daughter so she could fly with me ??

  26. Just got my 24 months extension letter.. Watched your video on how to prep the documents. I filed on November 24th 2021.. Will be waiting for further good luck letters 😂😂

  27. Hello Sis, what is next step after doing the Biometrics? I received first my 24Months extension after filing the I-751, what is the app for me to download so I can check my status on what happen to my I-751? thank you and your videos is really a big help for everyone. God bless and hope to hear from you real soon.

  28. Congratulations and thanks for video! My case status online says my case was approved . Did not say card is produced follow instructions on mail? My 2 year extension will expire on August does it mean card is on the way ? Thank you

  29. Hi po.
    Diba sa POE natin hini hingi ang Yellow pocket.
    Ask ko lng sis. Ibabalik ba sa tin yon pag nag ka greencard na tayo?

  30. Yea, I fallow your videos to filled up forms. That’s really helpful.Thankyou,. Now I got the text from USCIS.

  31. Sis Ano un refused biometric file? Mka received kb ng letter or mag request k? Biometric and interview inaantay q,

  32. Hi, I filled mine Sept 2020, till now it’s still Fingerprint was applied to my case. I’m getting anxious🥺

  33. Hi, i wanted to thank you for all of your efforts of making these videos. It was very helpful for us.

    What’s is the name of app you are using?

  34. Congratulations. I got my conditional green card within 8months of submitting. I am submitting my I-751 this week, hope to get the card as quick as possible

  35. Tanong lang sis sa Akin kasi just change ang ROC ko from case was received now said my case was approved anong ibig sabihin yan sis

  36. Maari b aq mag call sa uscis para ask about biometric q? Ano contact number ng contact for biometric sis ?december 14 2021 nag submit aq i751,n received n ng uscis by January ,February 2 nka received aq ng extension 24 months,,until now wala p biometric q sis kya nag alala aq kung dpt b aq kumontak sa uscis to ask my biometric?thank you in advance sis

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