I-751 Average Processing Time

I-751 Average Processing Time

In this video, I answer the question:
I-751 Average Processing Time

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  1. Please talk more about โ€œif i130 has been approved but has been retained due to โ€œnot indicating where beneficiary intends to apply for their immigrants visaโ€
    What to do at this point? How long this process takes?
    Please talk more about this. Thanks

  2. I have it pending for more than a year ( form I 751) I have more than 3 years already as perm and married. Can I apply for citizenship? Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the update. My 24month extension that I got for the I-751 will expire this month, is there anything that I can do to process it, can I continue with my present job? Please advise.

  4. Are we able to leave the country with an expired permanent green card? As long as we have the receipt that it’s in process?

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