I-751 on File, Marriage in Trouble

I-751 on File, Marriage in Trouble

We see this far too often. A couple falls in love, gets married and files for lawful permanent resident status for the foreign national. They are still married two years later and they file the I-751 Petition for Removal of Conditions. But then the marriage goes downhill. Lots of fighting and arguing. The foreign national comes to us, wondering what to do. Jim discusses in today’s video.

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  1. How about if after 2 and half years your wife get pregnant by someone else and your case is pending 24 months. We are still married but now not living together.

  2. What happens if the marriage falls apart before this part but after the petition was approved. And what if you met someone else and it’s love and you want to get married again?

  3. Why put stress on legal immigrants, how about the government puts “stress” on the border😷

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