"I Regret DIVORCE!" | 40+ Yr Old Woman Gets A DIVORCE Only To Instantly Regret It

"I Regret DIVORCE!" | 40+ Yr Old Woman Gets A DIVORCE Only To Instantly Regret It

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  1. 0:05 17 years down the drain because she didn’t travel enough? Instead of valuing her marriage, she begged to “experience” things. Yeah, okay… because having a good guy wasn’t enough. Pathetic

  2. My ex wife wanted a divorce and got it.
    I went through some tough years .
    It was hard not being with my kids.
    But , I took my time and rebuilt my life.
    I now have a terrific lady that really cares for me .
    We have a nice life together and are enjoying our life.
    My ex is just as miserable as ever and alone.

  3. They say they want a man if they go 50. 50 , but the man is still got the short end of the stick. Women don’t understand that men have to put up with their mouth and men don’t think it’s worth having to listen to their mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Women pretend they are a 10, get out there chasing men who are a 10. come home empty handed and complain men are all scums… The day she’ll face the reality that she may just be a 6 or 7 and go for men of that level is the day she’ll find the right one. You never bring home a dream, reality always chases them away.

  5. A leopard can’t change it’s spots! Neither can woman at 30 or more. They are set in their ways.

  6. According to some comments here, if a woman cries on a video it just means she is trying to get attention. So to be logically fair, if a man makes some emotional comment, it must mean he is just trying to get attention.

  7. I’ve got 50 bucks that says the reason was financial, and she isn’t smart enough to understand how options open up as you get older and make more money.

  8. Given the attitude towards men (referring to them as man-child etc.) I doubt she would appreciate him moving in with her? So the argument about owning a flat is pointless. ‘arguably’ better to be aunt will bite her in the arse in 20 years. Nieces and nephews have very little obligation to be in her life. I hope her flat is big enough to accommodate a few cats?

  9. Sadly I’m on the same situation of the woman complaining about not doing stuff like vacations….my wife or ex wife(don’t know yet what to call her)complains about me not doing fun stuff like vacations etc.She hasn’t work for 9 years because of fibromyalgia,I has a Men with capital M stood up to the challenge working 7 days a week so that we as a family of 4 could have all the luxurys….if she was to sick to cook I would always buy take away I paid for Private health insurance 600 dollars a month and gave her a dream car brand new but still I didn’t do enough so she’s living me…..oh well.I think she’s going to see how savage the real world and men out there really are.I do not hate her but what an idiot she is.

  10. I would have left her too. She doesn’t love him. She wanted him to do the work. She could have booked a trip for the family if it was that important

  11. I also just love when women talk about being friends with men. No man has women friends unless he is gay. The only way a man would say "yeah, baby we’re friends" is if he is tapping that on a regular basis.

  12. That woman is probably giving him what he asked you for it’s simple math. He found the one and you were the learning experience.

  13. Wow she brike uo with her husband just because his nit taking her to a trip?? I bet your EX husband told you the reason but you just ignore it then you decided to devorce him. And now your EX has a new girl and he bring her to a trip together with your child now your salty? That how shallow your reason of divorce. Well yeah! I think your EX husband did it on purpose, you might have half of his asset but his asset still can grow while your’s are stagnant

  14. Great video, I was in a beautiful marriage before my now ex wife left me,i still love her and most times i cant stop thinking about her, i am doing my very best to get rid of the thought of her, but i just cant, i love her so much, i dont know why i am bring this here for, i cant stop thinking about her..

  15. yes…. it is his fault she through away her marriage, shut up the crying fool. no mexico was a deal breaker for you…. he is lucky to escape your terrible selfishness

  16. I don’t regret my divorce. It was like getting Paroled from Prison. Marriage is no longer worth it was suppose to be.

    Don’t know about foreign countries, but in the USA, this is the truth.

  17. "Holy Hell", classic man. Love this channel…changed my life brother. Keep up the incredible work.

  18. Asked why after 17 years did you divorce your husband lady because he’s a home 🏘️ lover he hates to vacation outside of e the USA 🤷🤣😂🤣😂this sounded like a Dave Chappelle episode

  19. "I have an awesome apartment!" not a single man cares about your apartment. Women will like a man’s apartment, but it’s not the reverse.

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  21. You should have valued your husband more now look where you are at I am glad he is away from you he deserves much better

  22. I think my exwife regret very much her cheating with coworker. After more that 4 years after divorce i got young gf who love me and we have baby girl. My exwife got depresion and big weight. She have 36 years and live with parents. Her face when she see me with baby carriage say more that 100 word.

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