1. I did the same thing lol if i was in a horror movie i would not survive lol my soul left my body when the doll ran at you lol

  2. Me causally holding my phone out as far as I can before the jumpscare then as soon as my arms get tired and I put my phone to my face then the jumpscare comes at me and I throw my phone across the room

  3. Anyone else notice at 19:44 its Light Yagami’s laugh from Death Note? Its just high pitched.

  4. I sit down with a bowl of spaghetti, click on this video and I hear jack talking about spaghettification then see a plate of spaghetti in game. I’m in a simulation.

  5. mmmk, this is just a haunted house gimmick. You’re put into a false sense of fear but you CAN’T die, just startled constantly.

  6. ngl im only 5 minuets in and this is the most scared a gameplay has gotten me in years THE ATMOSPHERE IN PERFECT

  7. yo wtf is this game (in a good way). i usually don’t pause a lot when i watch horror gameplays but with this one i had to bc i felt so much dread. this was made really good

  8. Omg how did he look at the mirror looking like that and be like "hell ya"

    Look like a Creed reject or the "kool" youth pastor that just want to wrap with us kids and turn the chair backwards b4 siting down.

  9. Right, so im only at 12:51. This game freaks me out so much and I don’t even know why so I’ve decided to record my progress here. Commenters, please hold my hand.
    13:39 I’ve grabbed my guinea pig. Oh my God 😭
    15:42 I can’t do this. Why am I doing this?!
    17:20 no actually no
    19:44 let’s not. Actually.
    20:17 stopp 😭
    23:36 I’m going to start violently sobbing
    27:00 hahahaha no
    29:28 I think my heart just stopped

  10. Heh Im immune to the jump scares cause i all hear is my headphones being like "PLEASE CHARGING" every 2 Seconds

  11. you know the game was ultra spooky right up until the kid exposition. i mean sure, terrifying when theyre like "we’re gonna take your heart to complete the toy" but like.. a lot of the spookiness and mystery just caved in right there. good that it was so close to the end, but, bit confusing on the end. seems to imply that the child eventually killed themselves out of seemingly survivors guilt… not bad though.

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