I Want To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom. Am I Wrong?

I Want To Be A Stay-At-Home Mom. Am I Wrong?

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  2. Dave is on drugs if he thinks a mother of a baby can work part time while the kid is asleep, as a director or part time director.

  3. Personally, I’d rather have my wife at home raising our kids full-time, if possible even home-schooling. That’s the person I trusted and made the decision to marry. I’d rather have her teaching our child than run the risk with a teacher I barely know. Especially, given the state of schools nowadays.

  4. Love this call—it rings true to me too. Wish my field (law) had more part-time/remote opportunities

  5. Yes stay home if you can. There is more to life than working your life away ❤️ the years go by fast. I don’t have the best of things but things are materialistic you don’t need everything under the sun. We are a 1 car family, paid off mobile home building credit for something better later when I go back to work, I have internet and use my phone at home so there is only one phone bills. Just be smart about it. ❤️ it’s worth it. Babies grow fast and you will treat them better than any daycare can.

  6. Before marriage agreement wife would go to school (two years) her career. After marriage husband says he is getting older, wants to start family..

  7. There’s not enough money in the world for me to be a stay at home mom. God bless those men and women who choose to be care takers but I’d lose my mind.

  8. seems like she has a perfect situation. keep the job and hire a nanny to help around the house. at least you don’t forfeit your career and the earnings. It’s funny… both my parents worked but somehow my mom still was able to raise me. I never felt like I wasn’t being raised.

  9. I understand being SAHM make sense if kids are young probably and co-dependent. But with older kids who goes to school and still if you choose to be SAHM then you are lazy because I have seen most of these housewives doing kitty party, gossiping, watching tv all day, hanging on social media all day and then they glorify it as the hardest job just to make them feel superior than working moms.

  10. Did I miss where they live? 100k a year from her husband with no debt is MORE than enough to survive on in most states. They can even afford family vacations with that money 😂

  11. I raised pretty good children. Not perfect but pretty great people as individuals. Like I’d want to their friends now that they are adults. And I truly feel it’s because I stayed home with them. We both just always felt like one of us should. I loved being home with them and now that they are gone I love working now. I meant love working outside the home. Your time will come to have time to make money. But the investment you make when you are choosing to stay home with your kid’s is invaluable.

  12. Watching this now in the midst of a pandemic I think it’s funny. I don’t even understand why it has to be a question of morality for a woman to want to work and take care of her children. Humans are multidimensional, so of course it’s ok to do both.
    I love the way that Dave didn’t discredit her actual work, while stating that it’s not a moral or spiritual conflict.
    Now with everyone working from home, I hope that more people recognize the importance of both parents in rearing up children. And the importance of caretakers in general. If we operate as a community, then everyone has their part.

  13. I kept my job part time when my kids were babies and it really was he best of both worlds. Being a full time stay at home mom can be very isolating, but I still wanted to be with my kids more than a full time job would have allowed.

  14. I got hurt at work and it forced me to stay home for 6 months.. my older son told me "mommy I love you being home" 😢. And now It’s time to go back to work but now I don’t want to.. I’m trying to see what i can do to stay home.

  15. i hate the double standard for men who left their job for whatever reason for a long period struggle to find a job while a woman can take and leave a job whenever they feel like it.

  16. Im confused.. she already stays at home, didn’t she say she works remotely? I think Dave nailed out on the head, she needs to keep working, even if it’s part time – especially since she already gets to work from home….

  17. One of the qualifications of me searching for a wife is that I do not want to marry a career woman.

  18. Jesus, stay at home mom….you better pick up the phone and next thing out of your mouth will be, do you have batteries in your remote and is the remote set to cable box….

  19. I LOVE his perspective. He values money as important but family is far more important ♥️ his respect for women and mothers is admirable

  20. I applaud all women that want to be a stay at home mother. I personally based on what I have seen in my family, would not be able to go to sleep at night knowing that my financial stability depends on my husband. What about if he has an accident? Ect. I just couldnt deal with that or telling him every time i need to buy something. Depending on a man to me is like being less than him. Just my opinion.

  21. I left my electrical engineering job to be a full-time stay at home mom. I was offered to work at home before I left so that I could be with my kids and work at the same time. I declined and I am glad I did. Now that I know what it takes to be a stay at home mother, I know wouldn’t have been able to have a full time job at home and do what I wanted to do as a stay at home mom. The thing is that my job would’ve taken most of my time in the day anyway and I wouldn’t have had quality time with my kids the way I wanted to. It is a career sacrifice though and should be given a lot of thought. After 11 years, I would like to go back to work now, but I am going to have to start from scratch. I have no regrets whatsoever though and I am glad my husband and I decided to to this. BTW, I believe both working moms and stay at home moms are awesome, so I don’t want to judge any working moms out there. My mom was a working mom and she was an excellent mother.

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  23. I’m a SAHM and my fiancé made a fraction of that. We made tons of sacrifices because it was important to us.

  24. You can have all the money in the world be respected by management feel like you part of a team, but you only get one shot at being a parent in life those years go fast once their gone the door is closed for ever. When you get older all you have is the memories of what you did with your life. Do you want to look back and say oh I did such a good job on that project back in 1993, or want to have lunch with your son or daughter who just graduated college starting a family of their own. I was that person who spent my 20-30’s working my tail off now I have the money and worked my way up in big company I’m in my mid 50’s always thinking I would find that right person to start a family have all the time in the world well it never happened. Ill never know what kind of father I could have been. The projects I worked on know one even knows anything about them all young people I retired a few years ago don’t even know anyone who works there anymore.

  25. Biology demands stay at home mothers. Only contraception and formula and daycares has allowed mothers and wives to enter the workforce. Also antidiscrimination laws which hurt the business owner.

  26. Wow, you make a lot of money to stay home. If you work remotely you could probably work around some of these things, hire some help inside and then your son or daughter can stay home with you

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  29. 👏🏼FINALLY A MAN WHO GETS IT! The fact that he brought her intellect into the conversation is HUGE. Sure they can do it financially but goodness, please do not stop working completely for your own mental health. Also, I wonder if he knows that women lose nearly 40% of their income value when they take time off to be care taker. It is a sad hard truth. Consulting and part time for the win!

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  31. My wife was a stay at home mom for over 6 months. Now she’s working part time. I’m over here making about 24k a year. Ha. 🙁

  32. Work part time. I’m very proud of my Mum for working and raising us well. Someone I could admire.

  33. In other words, I want to put all the financial pressure on my husband because I want to stay at home and don’t work because I’m a mom now if you were a single mom would you do that emm nope since you have bills to pay

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