I was in a sexless marriage ft. Pallavi Barnwal

I was in a sexless marriage ft. Pallavi Barnwal

In this video, certified sex coach, Pallavi Barnwal (@pallavibarnwal1) talks about :

→What role does sex play in a marriage?
→How sexless marriages are normalized?
→What are the disadvantages of a sexless marriage?
→How sex plays an important role in maintaining chemistry in a relationship?
→How parenting affects intimacy?

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  1. Well now we men are terrified whether even 😘 you without asking.women would call it.
    ✌Marital rape✌

    P.s : for my dear ex feminist wife who hated me just hugging cuddling or touching her during 😴.

  2. I haven’t had sex for the past 4yrs I guess am alittle unlucky in love but now I have adapted life has to go on with or without sex..and paid sex is not my cup of tea.

  3. you have raised a very important issue as people pretend that it is not important but actually they lie with themselves and know internally that how much it is important..

  4. Arrey marriage is sexless after some time.
    Tabhi toh bhramacharya follow karta hai aur sadhna karte hai.
    Sex wali marriage toh animals ke liye hoti hai😄😄😁

  5. Sex is just temporary pleasure. Its individual choice to have that pleasure or not to have. No need to force anyone.

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  8. Good going, sex aur money.
    Ladkiyo ka dimag kharab ho gaya hai.
    Paise aur sex chaiye to khud kamao aur kharid ke kar lo.
    Marriage rate low hoga tab samajh me ayega inko.

  9. I too have a same problem, 10 years of marriage sex less life, and he even don’t earn money,I am really wanted to get ride of this relationship , he just pass the time in watching tv and playing games on phone ,
    but one way I am scared to take this step plz suggest what to do.

  10. It’s really nice of you talk about this issue. We shouldn’t ignore the fact that a lot of gay men have married straight women and kept their sexuality a secret. And these women are absolutely clueless. They have no idea that their gay husband would never be attracted to them.

  11. My sincere request to you sexually disabled please do not marry at all unless you are normal i.e. if you consider yourself an impotent.
    Because you think your Spouse will accept you without sex but actually it’s quite the opposite.
    If you can’t give sexual pleasure to your partner then your dearest partner will kick you out of his life with extreme humiliation.
    If your partner is also unable to have sex, he may accept you.

  12. I cry everytime thinking about what will happen to me in future as I’m an asexual.I don’t know if i’ll find someone who truly loves me.

  13. Mam..can u help me..i have been going through since 6.5yrs..still struggling to take him to doctor.. finally i failed.

  14. Mine is 8 years… Tuff to live .. everytime you curse yourself … But you cant escape… Got baby by iui… not i feel i am idiot… my kid is getting beaten by my wife… Always raise such issue else like me now two life’s are suffering…

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