If wife Apply Divorce husband have to Pay Maintainance to wife or Not..? | 498 A | Divorce | Legal

If wife Apply Divorce husband have to Pay Maintainance to wife or Not..? | 498 A | Divorce | Legal

If wife Apply Divorce husband have to Pay Maintainance to wife or Not..? | 498 A | Divorce | Advocate Pushpalatha | Legal Life
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In India, there are different religious laws which encompass regulations pertaining to maintenance rights for divorced women. Maintenance means an amount which a husband is obliged to pay to his wife either upon separation/divorce under certain conditions or during their marital life. The objective of providing maintenance to the divorced women is to provide them financial independence, so that she can live life with convenience.
Maintenance Rights under the Hindu law: In accordance to Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956, divorced women have the complete right to claim maintenance. The maintenance amount is decided by the Court of Law which is based on varying factors including financial position and the liabilities of the husband, justifiable reasons behind the separation/divorce etc. The expenses of legal proceedings for the maintenance will be borne by either of the two spouses depending on their ability to bear the expenses. The husband is required to make and pay the maintenance amount unless the divorced wife remains chaste and single.
Muslim law: The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986 governs Maintenance of divorced women. Here, a divorced woman is entitled to the following:-
Valid and fair provision and maintenance by her ex-husband within the ‘iddat period’.If she has children who are born before or after the divorce, then she can claim reasonable and fair provision and maintenance from her ex-husband for a minimum period of 2 years from the birth dates of such children.


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  2. If parents are dependent on his son earnings.
    How much husband can pay to Divorced ex if husband gross salary is 29,000 per month.
    If female is intentionally asking for divorce so that girl can earn with out earnings.

    If husband left job after Divorce then the divorce ex will approach ?

    If husband died immediately after Divorce

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